[Zombie Kabuto] GameCenter CX 263 Captain Tsubasa II Super Striker Part 1.mkv

2018-08-24 14:52 UTC
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I subbed this raw https://nyaa.si/view/1058278 Two subtitles got cut off at encoding and I didn't know how to fix that. At 3:40 and 24:06. They're both the same line and it doesn't matter much though. Let me know if you want more of these.

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  • [Zombie Kabuto] GameCenter CX 263 Captain Tsubasa II Super Striker Part 1.mkv (523.5 MiB)
I'll take all the GCCX I can get. Thanks for the subs.
Any new GCCX translations are welcome, but this was a particularly hard one to tackle first due to the large amount of in-game text. As a result, it was a little hard to follow the action. Also, the timing on the subs seemed off/rushed and some of the translations were pretty rough, particularly on proper nouns. All that said, again, thank you for your effort. Most of us are spoiled on the superb SA GCCX translated episodes and it's hard to live up to that standard. If you want to tackle another, as of yet, untranslated episode that might be a little easier on the sub front, might I suggest Super C (https://nyaa.si/view/904900).

Zombie_Kabuto (uploader)

well for now i'll just try doing episode 264 which is the conclusion of the captain tsubasa game and put a little more effort, which will in turn mean that it'll take longer. As for the translation being rough, I'm doing my best, my japanese is only at N5 level and whatever I've picked up from watching japanese shows here and there. I'll look into translating super C too.
this is actually a pretty funny episode! keep up the good work!
I have no problem with your sub. No localization like other subbers. This is good and simple. I like it. Keep it up. Never, and never do any localization in a subtitle like other people. I really hate it when some subbers change the JP game title and character to NA names.

Zombie_Kabuto (uploader)

episode 264 gonna be uploaded this month. sorry for the wait.
Thanks for this, I'm only a few minutes into the episode but I had to register here to let you know about a huge mistake in one of the character's name. San Paulo's number 9 player is "Gil", a typical Brazilian last name that sounds something like "Jee-oo" (hence the katakana ジウ). In other names the romanization doesn't matter but Gil is subtitled as "Jew". I can't ignore it because people who don't know any better may think it's related to a religion while it's nothing like that. Just a small correction, keep up the good work. *Edit: Team name

Zombie_Kabuto (uploader)

@AR0000 i found out later that his name is Gil when i was finishing the subs for part 2 but i thought the misunderstanding was too funny to correct.