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2018-08-23 20:21 UTC
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Dimensional God Machine Pandora, episode #20, in memory of the great Unshou Ishizuka, who lent his voice to Cain Ibrahim Hasan in this show, voiced [countless badass anime gentlemen](https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=creator&creatorid=339) in a TV career spanning almost 35 years, and narrated everything from Giant Gorg and Dragonar to all seasons of Pokemon and recent titles like GGO. Video: [Pray for nZk](https://nyaa.si/view/1065530) (Netflix rip) - 810p whenever FumeiRaws revives TL: Maxine & me Editing, timing and everything else: Maxine Softsubs: https://mega.nz/#F!vopk0TQJ!Hd-05KIf9_ESEDpljv79mg We're taking a break for a few weeks due to real life circumstances, see you before the end of September.

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  • [Anonyneko] Juushinki Pandora - 20 [1080p].mkv (1001.8 MiB)
The ‘real life circumstances’ are mostly my fault, I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.
THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Hope you continue the serie.
Thanks! I hope you can finish this series.

Anonyneko (uploader)

We're most certainly planning to.
I hope everything is OK, see you soon thanks for subbing this anime. I love this show for some reason, I know it's not perfect but that cast of characters is lovable.
Sorry again for the wait. I got back yesterday, I have 2 more episodes of a short anime to sub and then this show is next on my list. Initial translations for 21-24 have already been done but It'll take a bit to time, edit, typeset, etc. We'll hopefully have this anime finished by the end of the month.
Hi Maxine and Anonyneko, Thanks so much for the subs on Juushinki. The initial translations are great! Do you have a timeline for just the initial translations of 25 and 26?

Anonyneko (uploader)

25's there, and we'll probably already catch up with the releases around the time captions for 26 arrive.
Thank you for being awesome!