[Front Wing] Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5|グリザイア ファントムトリガー 第5巻 [English / Japanese]

2018-08-21 01:30 UTC
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![https://image.ibb.co/fXtYXe/Grisaiai_Phantom_Trigger5.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/fXtYXe/Grisaiai_Phantom_Trigger5.jpg) **Description** A few weeks have passed since SORD successfully resolved the Kitaoka University terrorist incident - albeit with some scarifies - when Murasaki's older sister Yuuki returns to Japan to rejoin Class A. Being more sociable and capable than her sister, Yuuki immediately befriends the other students and builds a trusting relationship with them. "There's no reason for me to be at Mihama anymore..." As Murasaki starts questioning her raison d'etre, she reminisces about the time when she first me Haruto. Lamenting his lack of experience, he had come to her village hidden deep in the mountains in search of new skills. Where could he find this supposed "secret art" that is said to have been passed down for generations...? "I'll never forgive you...!!" "It's okay... Don't worry... I'm not... going anywhere... I'm here with you..." "I'm stumped... It's exactly as she said - and there's no way to cut a phantom..." "Come on. Chin up... Show me your courage..." Their fateful meeting was also the beginning of a tragic story... "Won't you... give me the order to kill my sister?" -[Front Wing](http://grisaia-pt.com/en/index.html) ___ **Original title**: グリザイア ファントムトリガー 第5巻 **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) ? **Year**: Japan 2018-07-27, This Version 2018-07-27 **Developer**: Front Wing **Publishers**: Front Wing **Language**: English / Japanese **Voice**: Japanese **VNdb**: https://vndb.org/v23190 **Official**: http://grisaia-pt.com/en/index.html **Support**: https://store.steampowered.com/app/871280/Grisaia_Phantom_Trigger_Vol5/ [![https://image.ibb.co/iAcz5z/Grisaiai_Phantom_Trigger_Comment.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/iAcz5z/Grisaiai_Phantom_Trigger_Comment.jpg)](http://grisaia-pt.com/en/movie.html) **System Requirements (Minimum)** OS: 7/8.1/10 Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: VRAM320MB, 1280×720 DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 3 GB available space Sound Card: Support for PCM playback through DirectSound Additional Notes: Windows Media Player 9 equivalent or higher **Important** 1. Game will create a new folder with strange characters for save files if using the name of folder as is, either save to a folder with no spaces or place GrisaiaPhantomTriggerVol5 folder elsewhere so the SteamEmu folder will remain within that folder. **Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 1-4**: https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=6_2&q=Grisaia+Phantom+Trigger ![https://image.ibb.co/kNRWJK/8ie89237ujd9uijd.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/kNRWJK/8ie89237ujd9uijd.jpg) ![https://image.ibb.co/jWk8yK/iwhiehej.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/jWk8yK/iwhiehej.jpg) ![https://s.vndb.org/sf/15/114615.jpg](https://s.vndb.org/sf/15/114615.jpg) ![https://s.vndb.org/sf/17/114617.jpg](https://s.vndb.org/sf/17/114617.jpg) ![https://image.ibb.co/bPQadK/923jdkjhjr.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/bPQadK/923jdkjhjr.jpg)

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  • Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol. 5 グリザイア ファントムトリガー 第5巻
    • GrisaiaPhantomTriggerVol5
      • plugin
        • AlphaMovie.dll (170.0 KiB)
        • AlphaMovie.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • KAGParserEx.dll (196.0 KiB)
        • KAGParserEx.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • PackinOne.dll (587.5 KiB)
        • PackinOne.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • SteamDrawDevice.dll (146.5 KiB)
        • SteamDrawDevice.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • extNagano.dll (236.0 KiB)
        • extNagano.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • extrans.dll (232.0 KiB)
        • extrans.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • getLangName.dll (58.0 KiB)
        • getLangName.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • getSample.dll (96.0 KiB)
        • getSample.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • k2compat.dll (93.0 KiB)
        • k2compat.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • kagexopt.dll (64.0 KiB)
        • kagexopt.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • krkrsteam.dll (150.0 KiB)
        • krkrsteam.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • krmovie.dll (272.0 KiB)
        • krmovie.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • kztouch.dll (120.0 KiB)
        • kztouch.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • layerExDraw.dll (395.0 KiB)
        • layerExDraw.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • lzfs.dll (65.5 KiB)
        • lzfs.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • menu.dll (136.0 KiB)
        • menu.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • multiimage.dll (206.0 KiB)
        • multiimage.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • psbfile.dll (192.5 KiB)
        • psbfile.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • psd.dll (711.0 KiB)
        • psd.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • textrender.dll (216.0 KiB)
        • textrender.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • win32dialog.dll (298.5 KiB)
        • win32dialog.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • win32ole.dll (224.0 KiB)
        • win32ole.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • windowEx.dll (213.0 KiB)
        • windowEx.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • wuopus.dll (274.5 KiB)
        • wuopus.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
        • wuvorbis.dll (514.5 KiB)
        • wuvorbis.dll.sig (212 Bytes)
      • GPT_vol5.cf (213 Bytes)
      • GPT_vol5.exe (4.2 MiB)
      • GPT_vol5.exe.sig (212 Bytes)
      • data.xp3 (1.4 GiB)
      • data.xp3.sig (212 Bytes)
      • ds.ini (788 Bytes)
      • fgimage.xp3 (525.4 MiB)
      • fgimage.xp3.sig (212 Bytes)
      • readme_en.txt (5.7 KiB)
      • readme_jp.txt (5.4 KiB)
      • steam.xp3 (12.0 KiB)
      • steam.xp3.sig (212 Bytes)
      • steam_api.dll (693.0 KiB)
      • voice.xp3 (5.8 MiB)
      • voice.xp3.sig (212 Bytes)
      • vol5.xp3 (1.4 GiB)
      • vol5.xp3.sig (212 Bytes)
    • 001.jpg (56.6 KiB)
    • 002.jpg (661.7 KiB)
Thank you! Works perfectly 👌
why i cant open it?? its always say cant load plugin krkrsteam.dll. Even though it is in the plugin folder. Running on windows 10
I can't really help you since I'm using Windows 7 and it runs fine. If you can play the other Grisaia parts see if they got the same files as the ones here and replace them with this folder see if that'll work. Another method go to run (or cmd) and type: regsvr32 krkrsteam.dll To register them on your PC. Do it for each of the dll here: kztouch.dll lzfs.dll SteamDrawDevice.dll k2compat.dll If that don't work check DirectX if you got all the stuff. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 If all else fails last thing may be your graphic card might be the issue and may need reinstalling, downgrade or an update.
I had no issues at all running it on Windows 10. It looks like there is going to be a 6th volume but the title is undecided.
so whyyy ? im using my friend laptop with windows 10 too, and its running smoothly. Im done with my PC, gotta reinstall my windows
Have you tried everything I wrote to you? If so then all I can think of is maybe missing a Microsoft Visual C++ redistributor and Microsoft .NET Framework libraries. Forgot that you may need to place the dll's in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (or System32 if you use 32 bit OS) when trying to register them.
yes, i tried everything i could think of too. And still same problem. Finally, im using windows 7 on virtualbox just for playing this game. I know its dumb, but better than reinstall my windows