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2018-08-15 03:37 UTC
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I found that on the net almost 10 year ago. Low quality encode but impressive pencilwork~ Anyone know who worked on it?

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  • LS-1 - Indie Animation v2.mkv (40.0 MiB)
Only one of the photographers, [Furuhashi Hiro](, appears to have really made it in the industry.
1. so when the credits roll, the first page lists two names. the top one looks like furuhashi hiroshi 古橋 宏 and the bottom one looks like Iwashi Tomoyuki 岩附 方幸 2. there is 1 anime industry professional with that first name 3. the second credit with a single name looks like Katahira xRi 片平 x利, i can't make out the x kanji. 4. Citac Films is a Chiba [Prefecture] Institute of Technology animation club. So kinda like what that club is in the Genshiken anime, but IRL and with a focus on anime instead of manga. their site is old and broken
5. they also thank fuji zc1000, which was an 8mm camera from 1974-1979 6. but we know the thing was made in 1989 from the title card. so it kinda makes sense some poor college kids used this 10 yr old camera for their school club. 7. the last name credited is the director. who looks like Akira/Sho/Fumi Sasaki 佐々木 章. sorry with no furigana IDK how the names pronounced. but with the kanji at least we have an anidb match 8. granted the two matches can just be other people who share the same name. Because both have professional work history before this short was created. so that would mean they were working for IRL anime studios while still college students?

vaz11111 (uploader)

Thanks! The quality was too blurry for me to decipher most of the kanji, glad you were able to :)
thank you, nice piece of animation
A quick googling shows the creator is a guy named 佐々木 考, though there doesn't seem to be much info on him anyway.