[Artsuki] Welcome to Japari Park - 01 [Web720p]

2018-08-12 12:47 UTC
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Welcome to Japari Park is a short series by Director Kasugamori Haruki, it operates on the original game world line and explores some of the lore of the original series. The series is a fun, fairly typical web series and explores many aspects of the lore which we haven't seen too much of in the main Kemono Friends anime. I'll be aiming to keep up with this series on a fairly regular basis (probably weekly or so). Thanks to Piroket-Raws for the raw. The encode will generally be a pretty basic h264 encode. The team behind this episode were: Graze: TL, TS, Edit, Timing, QC, Encode Tactics: Friend jymmy: Friend Hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns in the comments below.

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Thank you very much, your releases are greatly appreciated!
awesome, thanks so much for subbing this
2nd episode never?

AMCGrady (uploader)

@Seedmanc Nah, I'll definitely get to it. The eps don't take that long to do, I've just been really busy the last two weeks, and spent a fair bit of time messing with timecode scales for the second ep so the subs don't display weird.
I hope you are enable to continue this series

AMCGrady (uploader)

@Moses35i I will at some point! As soon as work quietens down a little bit and I have any free time again, I should be able to finish up the second ep. After that, the third ep shouldn't be far off either. =)