Sirius the Jaeger 01 [Softsubs only for 1080p upload] Reupload

2018-08-12 06:51 UTC
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These subs were translated by [MTBB] not me. I just resynced the subs to fit the 1080p upload by [Pray for nZk]. I edited a line or two that lowkey triggered me and that’s about it. So all credit goes to [MTBB]. How to add them: All you need to do is play the raw you downloaded with a player compatible with soft subs (like KMPlayer) and dragging the soft subs onto the video. (This is a reupload because I'm a pleb who doesnt know how to torrent)

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  • Sirius the Jaeger - 01 [softsub only for 1080p upload].ass (30.6 KiB)

Seris (uploader)

Welp I’m sorry guys looks like torrent is pretty gay for me (hyper sweat) so I’m uploading this on mega just in case this reupload fails too. Here you go!Hl8xkTrD!_BLIPj6i5yJ-bRqbTPe6AiB_fqh1kKnlRRpyts7NQ5w
The video from [Pray for nZk] is raw/unfiltered Netflix video and won't look better than MTBB's encode, which is 720p Hi444 because the show is 720p native. Why do this?
1080p does look a slight bit better though. It's just not noticeable enough to be worth the extra 500MB or whatever. Except in very special circumstances (i.e. descale), 1080p will always look better than 720p, at least by a little bit.

Seris (uploader)

^ and because 720p looks like crap on my 42 inch TV so I'm editing the subtitles anyway to actually view the show properly
If you're doing it manually, you should check out [Sushi](, a program that does this automatically based on audio.

Seris (uploader)

Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried it out and it worked great if not for the fact that the script was a little bit later than the audio. I'm not quite sure yet if it's a universal same value delay in the whole script, just in some parts, or gradually increases as the episodes plays (because I haven't rewatched the whole episode properly just skimmed through it). But if it is just a general same value delay then this will save me a ton of time instead of using Aegisub to partially shift bulks of lines manually as I watch, since all I'll have to do is shift the whole script a second or two and be done. I'm not sure if it'll work the same for each episode either but it is a step forward I guess so much thanks. I'll mess around with it more and see if it behaves the same for all episodes and if it does then maybe I can just do them all at once then instead of my current "fix as you watch" approach