[HorribleSubs] Grand Blue - 05 [720p].mkv

2018-08-10 18:01 UTC
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787.9 MiB
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  • [HorribleSubs] Grand Blue - 05 [720p].mkv (787.9 MiB)
>787.9 MiB what the fug
480p and 1080p delayed again, I bet... I'm not waiting anyway. With such a huge bitrate, upscaling will be easy.
1080p wa doko ni irundai, Lintahlo?
> 1080p wa doko ni irundai, Lintahlo? アマゾンプライムにわあるよ!
\>thinking that bitrate is everything it's cbr garbage and probably worse than the 200MB version
>garbage amazon subs download indo subs my friends
Let's hope that HS is releasing a v2 as soon as Amazon fixed the issue
> thinking that bitrate is everything > it’s cbr garbage and probably worse than the 200MB version I know that bitrate isn't everything, but since I'm using a 1080p 24-inch display, upscaling with the help of MadVR worked flawlessly. I know it wouldn't have worked as well on higher-resolution or bigger displays, or even on a weaker computer or most video players/renderers. I'm just saying it didn't matter to me since it's better than nothing at all. I'm not planning on backing up that crap or anything... The huge filesize doesn't matter either since I don't have any data cap.
46" display, 480p works as fine as well, but other release such small as 190 MB (720p) so doing almost 800 MB a bit terrible (horrible) :)
Well, it's better than nothing, sure. But a decent upscaler can't fix a broken encode. I'm using mpv with ravu on a 4k display and even 720p looks good, as long as the 720p is decent. The normal 1080p still should look better on a 1080p display, because Amazon's 720p isn't really good in general.
the hell happened on the data size? it was only 250mb average last week.
787.9 MB of THICK MAKEUP! Oh! Aina best girl!
Probably because of the amount of make up this week that all Amazon 720p videos getting this thicc.
>Whine about not being up to quality standard >Remember relying on garbage yellow font hong kong DBZ VHS bootlegs shipped over on a boat. If it ain't full of tracking marks and hardsubs it's probably passable. Spoiled impatients kindly fuck off at the back of the line. #getoffmylawn
^The standard for anime watching changed like 10 years ago. I'm sorry you still seem to think the standard is bootlegs from China.
The 1080p video is [out there](https://i.imgur.com/opHF9yn.png) already, why is it taking so long?
@kuu_ Because your 1080p is from Prime Video (see the maximum bit rate) and not from Amazon US. Prime Video isn't affected by that problem afaik and for whatever reason HorribleSubs can't rip it. However, after some comparisons for other shows I noticed that Amazon US actually looks better than Prime Video for anime (even though Amazon US is smaller than Prime Video).