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2018-08-02 21:22 UTC
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I think this finishes up Hentatsu for now, I'll make a batch if nothing comes out next month, but we'll see. A few of the names at the end are fairly tentative translations and may be subject to change if they come up in a different context (like in latter parts of Kemurikusa), but should do for now. Presented by: Graze - TL, Timing jymmy - Editing, QC Twitter - Video ( https://twitter.com/irodori7/status/1024303801606397956 ) Previous episodes can be found at https://nyaa.si/view/1054983 , https://nyaa.si/view/1043562 , https://nyaa.si/view/1032448 and https://nyaa.si/view/1030508 Hope you enjoyed Hentatsu! Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments!

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Thank you, & Nooooooo! I want more Hentatsu!
This should probably be labelled "7 END?" tbh desu.
Well, it would not be strange if this video is the end or at least it would be the end of this "season" of Hentatsu if there is more in the future. Besides, Irodori will be present on the first day (August 10) of the Summer Comiket and until now they are silent about what will they sell at their booth, so I should say that it is a given that they will sell a DVD of Hentatsu compilating all of the seven shorts released until now edited together as a single video and maybe a little omake at the end of the video like what they did with Keifuku, so we also should expect a compilation video uploaded to YouTube and Twitter one or two days before the first day of the Comiket, of course without the little omake exclusive to the DVD version. The last question would be when the DVD of Hentatsu wilbe on sale on Amazon Japan, maybe we will need to wait some months after the Summer Comiket. Thank you very much for all of your work until now, if it were for me I would watch all the shorts made by Irodori, even the more ancient or unknown ones.

AMCGrady (uploader)

@principeinquisidor Yeah, it would make sense to sell the DVD at Comiket or somewhere similar since they're probably very busy working on Kemurikusa for the moment. The small team at irodori really managed to up their pace after working on Kemono Friends, so this could possibly just be a fun side project while they work on Kemurikusa. There's not too many different shorts since they released the split parts at regular intervals then released the full episode when it was done. Though I'd probably be willing, I've got some other projects which have priority at the moment, so would be willing to dig into some of the older stuff once I'm much more ahead in those.
Yes, Tatsuki talks about Irodori as making anime as an hobby and he says that he needs to work both on Irodori and commercial works at the same time to stay fit as an artist, with the analogy that if you want to walk you need to move first the right leg, then you move the left leg and then you repeat the same movements again and again. There is also a interview with Fukuhara and some guy from Kadokawa where they say: "Yaoyorozu: Besides that, Director Tatsuki always does CG work for 5 days of the week regardless of whether or not if he's busy, and then he does more CG for the next 2 days as his hobby. Any time I see Tatsuki-kun I see him working on CG. This may look incredulous to others, but it doesn't seem to be hard for him (laughs)" Source: https://pastebin.com/mnzbvFm7 Basically, Tatsuki is the same as Osamu Tezuka, a workaholic working all the time on his favorite things. About Kemurikusa, it seems that they are working hard on it and it is already schedule the release of the first piece of merchandise of Kemurikusa at the booth of Good Smile Company at the Summer Comiket: http://www.goodsmile.info/ja/products/slide/53583 It is only a keychain of Rin, but at least is something to begin with. It would be great if that keychain is sold also at Good Smile Company shop together with even more merchandise.
In the mean time why not translate the two Kemurikusa shorts from youtube? I can't believe nobody has done it after all this time.

AMCGrady (uploader)

@Seedmanc, I'm about 93% towards the half-way point of the main project I'm working on at the moment, and I have much better resources for the second half, so I might be able to get both halves done before Kemurikusa airs in January (still a little bit optimistic but reasonable in theory assuming I don't get eaten by work for my actual jobs). There are a few translation items which I'd ideally like to wait until there's more context to decide on, so will leave it while I have other work to do, that said, when I've finished the bulk of my main project and am just dealing with the last creative choices which can't be rushed, I can probably start another project. I also can't see myself needing to spend 1000 hours on Kemurikusa, so with a healthy schedule, I should be able to put together a work in progress script as the show airs and finalise any choices by the show's finish, and then release a corrected batch, or do blu-rays and correct there, or something like that (like most groups do for regular shows).
Thank you for these!
Thanks for translating these shorts.