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2018-07-24 20:58 UTC
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Funimation decided to release their dub at the exact same time of day I went to release my subs. How did they know? This show (to my surprise) ended up being my favourite anime this season, so I felt quite bothered by the amount of missed potential in the official version—it was in dire need of retiming and editing, so I've decided to give it a good facelift in my free time. Ended up retranslating some lines entirely and fixing some errors along the way. --- Encodes: CR Timing: Me Editing: Me TLC: Me Typesetting: Me Proofreading: Anonyneko (Essentially the same lineup as the Kase-san release under Anonyneko.) Special thanks to Akatsukin of [Mezashite](https://mezashite.net/) as usual --- **Q&A** **Why?:** Basically, there was no character voice or any sense of individuality to the original. It wasn't very engaging. You could practically hear the wageslave (and Japanese-English dictionary) in the script. **TL choices:** 'Kamekichi' becomes 'Turtleton' because, well, it's really just a fancy way of saying 'turtle'. Most English viewers wouldn't know *kame* means 'turtle'. 'Ace' becomes 'MVP' because it's wasei-eigo. It works a million times better in the episode itself, anyway. Enjoy. --- [Twitter](https://twitter.com/maxdotine) Shilling: [PayPal](https://paypal.me/maxdotine) / BTC@1Ax8o7TH2nVKE1ZJwYsBpbTFQKXJR4VKJ3

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  • [Starfruit] Harukana Receive - 01.mkv (477.1 MiB)
Anonyneko seal of approval, this reads leagues better than the original CR script that clearly, cough, _didn't pay enough attention to every side of itself_.
Ace and MVP are not the same thing, though.
I'm not an English viewer and I know what kame is so please don't make it only for american kids.

Maxine (uploader)

In this case ‘ace’ and MVP are more or less interchangeable. If you actually watched the episode, you’d know she’s using ‘ace’ in the baseball sense—the literal point of the episode and the episode title are about how standard sports terminology can’t be applied to a 2v2 sport. There’s even a short monologue about how one player can’t be valued more than the other.
>I’m not an English viewer and I know what kame is so please don’t make it only for american kids. Then why are you watching English subs?
I like your subgroup name, nice ring
looking forward to see ur OP/ED fonts
Hopefully it's not a pink font edit: blue font, all's right in the world.

Maxine (uploader)

Thanks for the feedback all, both positive and negative.