[Kuraze] Slayers Movie 2 - Slayers Return (BD 1492x1080 HEVC Hi10p FLAC AC3 Chap)

2018-07-23 09:48 UTC
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[**Series information**](https://anidb.net/a350) **Source(s):** R2 BD, R1 DVD **Video:** 1492x1080 / HEVC 10-Bit *(~18.7 Mbps)* / 23.976fps / Ordered Chapters **Audio:** R2 Japanese / 2ch FLAC *(712 kbps)* & R1 English / 2ch AC3 *(224 kbps)* *[Lord Ashram]* **Subtitles:** English / Signs & Songs Only ASS *[KgOlve-M74]* **Filters used:** FineDehalo **Encode settings:** ref=6 / crf=16 / preset=very slow [**Encode Comparison**](http://compare.bakashots.me/compare.php?setId=3499) **Notes:** This encode retains the native film grain of the remastered movie footage. Other than some very very light dehaloing, no other filtering was applied. Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be severe cropping in the source this time. R1 English audio was synced and muxed in from the AC3 track in *Lord Ashram*'s release. Subs were taken from *KgOlve* and originally modified by *Macros74*, with further typesetting and edits by myself replacing the literal magic translations with their true spell titles consistent with the nomenclature referenced by the [**KanzakaDex**](http://kanzaka.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Spells) & [**Inverse.org**](http://www.inverse.org/e/bkg/magic/cats.shtml). **Examples:** *Spiral Spirit Missile* → *Felzareid* *Swarming Photons* → *Scatter Brid* *Elmekian Lance* → *Elmekia Lance* BD extras included.

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  • [Kuraze] Slayers Return (BD HEVC Hi10p FLAC AC3 Chap)
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      • [Kuraze] Slayers Return Movie Trailer 1 (BD 1424x796 HEVC Hi10p FLAC) [C9BB43D7].mkv (29.5 MiB)
      • [Kuraze] Slayers Return Movie Trailer 2 (BD 1424x746 HEVC Hi10p FLAC) [A6CC2A60].mkv (36.5 MiB)
    • [Kuraze] Slayers Return (BD 1492x1080 HEVC Hi10p FLAC AC3 Chap) [ED537721].mkv (8.2 GiB)
Kuraz, you would have Tenchi muyo movies on Blu Ray with audio dts. There's even one here with movies like that, but it's without Seeders: https://nyaa.si/view/932113, https://nyaa.si/view/932114 and https://nyaa.si/view/932115. If you have the other, I'd better thank you very much.
How much more of Slayers do you plan on doing?

Kuraze (uploader)

@SasukeUC Not DTS, but Daman released them in excellent quality seeded here: https://nyaa.si/view/394844 @Shinbo Expect Slayers Movie 4 pretty soon. Movies 1 & 5 already have good rips by USS: https://nyaa.si/view/771370 https://nyaa.si/view/774373 So I most likely will not do those. I may do the OVAs *(BD)* later, and the first 3 TV seasons *(DVD)* if I can find sources and they look good.
Thanks @Kuraze, I did not find this, nor need to be dts with this + 14GB quality is top, thanks for your attention. Lastly, you would not have them on Mega, Google Drive, or anywhere else besides the torrent? If not all the best, I still appreciate it.
Thanks! Great encode.