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2018-07-22 18:09 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Kyojin S3 - 38 [1080p].mkv (1000.7 MiB)
Ohhh 22 episodes
That was.... a terrible episode. And an even worse OP. This was shit all around.
The OP is great, though. Probably my favorite OP song of the series so far.
You're kidding me, right? After 2 fantastic openings we get this mellow, slice-of-life, slideshow of an opening and you think's it's great?
The opening is fucking terrible
The OP is not as good as the other ones.
the problem is opening or what TFW
Evaluate the show itself base on OP, well I'm not even mad, the OP is shit tier.
not fans AOTS so skip XD
Yoshiki's new song is good but can't help the anime much since it's already passed the highest peak. and... inb4 gay anime :v
but grand blue is better than free and banana d*ck :v
nicky_008, you are right. The manga took a huge nose dive from this point on. At least half of this season will be terrible with no titans.
Heard that the titan will soon dive into the sea, or is it just Grand blue reference, fking doubt it. LMAO.
The opening might not be so good, it is ok But episode itself was so great
OP was a YIKES and the episode/animation was a huge let down compared to the other two seasons Anyways, thanks for the upload
the op was sung by vocaloid or sth? lol why is so bad?
Wow....this was bad and makes me want to watch them all die. Characters are unlikable and the dialog is emo horseshit. Should of known after last season
Yes, the OP was .... disaster and the episode was very discursive. The ending scene was finally a typical AOT scene but looks like this season going to focus more on politics and inside jobs rather than the titans. (I'm not readint the manga so I don't know how the season going to change later). Anyway, Thanks for the upload.
I didn't like the new OP, but the episode was great. <3 I felt like we needed this "human-to-human" conflict a bit, specially that the government seems corrupted for a reason! My only concern is the 1 GB episode size xD
I knew there was a lot of shit taste on this site, but wow.
Here's hoping for an epic OP change like the first 2, halfway through this season after the settling of the human conflicts.
Never found the OP to be that important. But I hope storywise the whole season won't be a dissapointment.
@Windy Yeah, it will be more about the politics at the beginning.
Why? Why why why why its only f*cking 15 kb/s???


babyrage where are titans? babyrage
It's my favorite part of the manga, and I'm looking forward a good adaptation. By the way, I'm amazed how many people can't accept a change of mood inside the same series. I'm not fond of the new OP either, but it just fits what this part is about and the pictures are marvelous. Shingeki no Kyojin gets a damn lot of attention and money for a single anime, and there's still people to complain it don't fit their personal expectations...


Oh, boy. Another season of The Eotena Onslaught.
All the haters here are just useless anyway. Popular show will get crazy haters, and that is understandable. For those who love the show, just ignore them. Just let them with their mumbling, they just want an attention so be nice to them.
@HenshinRide. Being a fan of something (in this case, Attack on Titan) doesn't always mean that you have you love everything about it. Sometimes you can share your criticism about it.
This show is pretty bad but at least it's not Boku no Hero Academia bad.
i feel like it gonna be another bs like s2 where most part of the season made for buy time and the quality of plot become a grade B american horror film before it go back to the plot where it should be. only with the last 3 episodes.... and HenshinRide you may didn't know this yet. the reputation of this show already dropped real hard after S2, let say the word hater no longer work any more since most of people no longer enjoy this show.
@boneknocker yeaup yeaup. Though if I recall correctly the plot for the Season 3 anime is supposed to be seemingly faster than the manga(?) So hopefully the pacing turns out to be OK and not some seemingly long, stretched out dialogued-bore.
@seoured yeah i hope it should be like that mi dude. but the last time i checked how the manga be right now.........well it so damn far away. and honestly it become a much more policy intent story when you may not happy to know what kind of the fate of one of our most lovely character having. honestly it nearly made me puke when i read up to that part....what a waste.
> well it so damn far away. and honestly it become a much more policy intent story when you may not happy to know what kind of the fate of one of our most lovely character having OH shit! potatoes.
@boneknocker i threw my phone when i got to that part of the manga. feelsbadman
So who's subbing this? I haven't seen DDY say anything.
@seoured threw your phone in toilet while reading manga?
@KoeKvv-2 Its 24 Episodes not 22!
Am i the only one that finds anime intros, outros, recaps, and previews as filler? They only exist to extend the length of an anime, cheating us out of new material. That said, the intro is irrelevant - it has no bearing on the story.
Lol ? so much hate on the opening I gotta see this for myself, gonna watch it now
Gonna be a good season of Attack on TALKING.
Such a bad opening I ever seen in aot.
Of course DBZ, Naruto and semi-hentai Fairy Tail fans did not like it. They just wanna see fights, fights, fights, fights… typical for useless nerds. Attack on Titan is an anime for adults and for smart people and first episode from this season proved it! On the other hand, I was expecting more from a song that had Yoshiki and Hyde name to it. Thought that will continue the REVO (Linked Horizon) style with something close to X Japan good heavy metal, but this one was, indeed, meh… But, please, leave Attack on Titan anime for adults and smart people! You go back to Shitogan... Shiterza.. whatever