[StarlightSubs] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - 02 (1280x720 x264 AAC) [F429D7B1].mkv

2018-07-21 08:15 UTC
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Hey there. Thanks for all the support and criticisms from our first release! Hopefully we've improved with this episode... although regrettably, we still do not have better raws to work with. If you, you know anyone, or any place that we can get better sources for raws, please do inform us! The lyrics translations were all translated and deciphered by ear, and is definitely not 100% accurate. We will correct all lyrics translations once the BD boxes are released, and will release the corrections with a blu-ray release! Please enjoy episode 2!

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  • [StarlightSubs] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - 02 (1280x720 x264 AAC) [F429D7B1].mkv (322.4 MiB)
much appreciated ~
3+ groups for one show, and they said fansubbing was dead.
True fansubbing is dead though. There are only few decent groups left that are doing more than just putting a translation on a share raw.
doing an OTL is "true fansubbing," everything else (good encode, TS, etc.) is just window dressing. Or maybe my opinion is just bullshit. I just don't think it's right to come into a group's comments section and talk about how their release isn't true fansubbing or whatever. We all bring what we can to the table.
@motbob I agree. It'd be nice to see less back patting elitism from these people and more support for people who just want to help non-Japanese speakers enjoy anime. You don't have to act like the job they're doing is amazing, but maybe don't act like an asshole about it?
Personally I try never to criticize someone for doing something less than perfect, when I can't do it at all. Since I remember having to wait for fansubs on VHS tapes ordered through the mail, and it was four or five times copied already so video was noisy as hell.... well, I just appreciate all these people giving freely of their time and skills for the rest of us to get all this wonderful stuff freely.
Exmendic is such a little bitch to every group that isn't "established". Quite pathetic honestly. Thanks for your work on this series, ignore the kids with nothing better to do than circle-jerk while watching their own releases.
Can you please release a 1080p? I get really tired of fansub groups releasing these downscales. The native source is 900p but you insist on ruining the video quality.

starlightsubs (uploader)

Thank you for all of your kind words. @ergzay: Unfortunately, we only mux our subs on raws that are available from nyaa (leopard raws in this case, for this one), because we do not have a raw provider at the moment. We would like to release in 1080p as well, if only it was possible. Hopefully for Episode 3 we'd get our hands on high quality raws.
Amazon is garbage too though. It just happens to be the least garbage source. I've taken a look at all of these https://0x0.st/sOJ9.png You're gonna need a competent encoder to make it not look as bad and encoding isn't something you can pick up in a day, week or even a month. It's a lost art surrounded by arcane bullshit that you can really only pick up from lots of reading from doom9, other forums, other people who already at least kind of know what they're doing and LOTS of trial and error. This show really doesn't make a good first fansub project. From the intentionally vague stuff that we'll only know later down the line, to sometimes indecpherable insert lyrics, to having no decent source to use for video, and to the fact the best source requires a private widevine exploit that's being kept under wraps. The live concert event thingy was uploaded recently so maybe that'll help with the first thing. Keep up the good work though! We admire the fact you're taking this on as a first project.
@aHalokid >watching their own releases They don't though
it's ok k3 doesn't know when to use an emdash so you still have a chance in the proper use of punctuation department.
>Thanks for all the support and criticisms from our first release! you people are too nice for this website
Pls no bully Govna ;_; (besides, I don't touch the script wahaha)
\>They don’t though I always watched my releases ... after releasing them on Nyaa. Tehe
\>Exmendic is such a little bitch to every group that isn’t “established”. I'm not though. Actually, there are some decent anon groups. Look at "HA/ss/" this season. I just dislike slapping some subs above raws for being faster than "real" groups if someone else is already doing a better release. It's something you should do if no one else is picking up a show and official subs are no option. I don't want to say that the group here is terrible, but a better solution is always working together with other groups before creating your own group with lack of basic fansub knowledge.
Why do you even need someone to tell you that muxing a 720p script ontop of a 1080p raw is bad and dum. the colorspace one is just aegisub with bad defaults.
@starlightsubs thanks for subbing! @eXmendiC hey, is there subs better than this? i'd like to know. thanks.