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2018-07-15 22:38 UTC
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This sync is tested for these raws: - [Ohys](https://nyaa.si/view/1055878); - [U3](https://nyaa.si/view/1054227); - Neko-raws; It's been more that a week since the raw is available and still no decent translation so I guess I have to try it... (Sorry mate who posted yesterday, I didn't try yours because you read the google translate shit version) I don't speak Japanese nor am I a native English speaker so handling Violet's humble speech and everybody else being informal probably didn't get into my script. Besides, It was my first time making subtitles and it's fucking hard so I tried to make the lines short and everything and I hope it's fine and that next time we'll get a decent sub quicker. Anyway, I wanted subtitles for this episode and I got them. Feel free to try them and leave some feedback. ~~If I'm bored at work next week and somebody wants it I'll probably turn this into french subtitles that will make sense with Violet's awkwardness.~~ -> J'arrive pas a m'imaginer comment transcrire les problèmes de continuité dans les dialogues avec violet sans enchainer des tu et des vous aléatoires donc ça arrivera probablement pas. PS: Little notes about what I read in later releases and why I did differently. - At around 7.10: Violet uses the word 'ご指示', I first translated it as 'whereabouts' but then my friend told me it meant 'orders' and I can't find how I found 'whereabouts' anymore - At 11.50: [Aria means this](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aria) so it's most likely not a name as the episode's about opera - At 14.10: Bruh Violet's from the army and she said buki so 'I have everything I need' kinda misses the reference

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  • [Dysp]Violet Evergarden - 14 (Special)(ENG).ass (33.8 KiB)
Wait... you don't speak Japanese and you are not a native English speaker.... SO HOW THE HELL DID YOU MAKE THE SUBS?
> I don’t speak Japanese nor am I a native English speaker ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/392422869071822848.png) (Sinon en vrai, donne ton .ass en Français, je prends.)

Dysp (uploader)

Probably high standards in skill estimating and the U3 raw included the japanese written tracks so I used them as reference
Lord help us in these dark times.
tried on neko-raws timing is good subs were decent theres a few minor grammatical errors or its just me being a grammar nazi
>theres there's* >its it's*
May Vivid-Asenshi have mercy on us all.
not bad :3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Thanks for the Special Caucasian Ass.