[RevueStoplight] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - 01 (Temp Sub Fix)

2018-07-14 17:30 UTC
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A quick fix to Sentai/HIDIVE's subs for people to use until Starlight Subs are out. Fixed name order, translated song lyrics* and fixed some minor oddities here and there. The subs are still one frame off at times, because as I said, it's a quick fix since the official subs were terrible. *My Japanese is far from perfect, so the lyrics may have some or many errors, just so you know.

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It doesn't fix the awful video quality though :(

andrearitsu (uploader)

There's the 1080p web version on the official YouTube channel for Revue Starlight if you want the best quality, sadly it involves screwing about with the timing to match up the subs.
Who is Starlight Subs? Are they doing an original translation too? The translator is Jennifer Challenger. The same translator responsible for the garbage official ShoBitch, Hakumei and 3D Kanojo subs.
Youtube is even worse than HIDIVE. Amazon is probably the best for this show

andrearitsu (uploader)

StarlightSubs are the ones handling bascically all of the western info on Revue Starlight, and have done so since early this year. They've translated live-action stuff and were working on the full musical I think, but will be doing new translations for the anime due to the outcome of this release.
I've compared every source I could get my hands on. Out of TBS .ts), Video Market, u-next, YouTube and Amazon.co.jp, Amazon h264 and h265/HEVC are the best. Still garbage though with shitloads of banding. I can't check out HIDIVE until I get off work, but the one comparison I saw of HIDIVE looked bad. PAS is doing the show with an original TL as a joint but our episode one'll be out a bit late since our editor's unavailable until Monday.
Youtube is probably even worse than Hidive seeing as it's like 200mb for 1080p lol Also just because they've translated some manga, etc. doesn't mean they'll do a good job with fansubbing. There's a steep learning curve and this show clearly has a lot of signs that actually need good typesetting (also no video sources are good so you need to know how to encode).
the steep learning curve is stressful tedious timing, Mr.herkz-san. Nobody wants to do that.
I just hope someone includes a Japanese transcription in their release. Please… please? @herkz honestly people don't care quite that much about ideally polished video, so slapping subs on the best available raws is good enough. Or perhaps a good encoder could step up to help them achieve better results. Modern fansub is not quite what it's been, nobody has enough expertise on their own.
I hope some group picks this up and gives this the attention it deserves... as mentioned, the timing on this is awful, MANY bleeds allover, I don't have the time to do it myself I already have too many projects of my own T_T
There's a group of like 10 competent and experienced fansubbers doing it as a joint mostly from the like 2009-2012 era or so working on it, don't worry. First episode'll be a bit late since our editor's unavailable until Monday, but the rest should be more on time. Maybe even before HIDIVE/Horrible Subs.
All scanlators are actually incredibly bad so them coming from that scene really just means avoid their release.
>I can’t check out HIDIVE until I get off work, but the one comparison I saw of HIDIVE looked bad. lmao browsing nyaa at work


>having a job when anime and porn is free