Violet Evergarden - 14 (eng sub) (sync to Ohys-Raw)

2018-07-14 13:09 UTC
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I decided to to a sub for once because there weren't any good quality subs out yet for this episode. I based a lot of my subs off of another torrent ( ) that was in broken English throughout the episode. Hence I'm not too sure about a couple of the subtitles, having not managed to decypher what the original video meant, although everything else should be all good. Language : English Synchronised to the upload by Ohys-Raws ( )

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  • Violet Evergarden - 14 (ohys raws) (26.5 KiB)
Ok, finally managed to get it to seed, should be working now. Hope you all enjoy it.
![Semi_Truck Subs]( ![Moaz Subs]( > This TL is confusing... :3 TL by [Moaz]( more easily understandable and readable than this :3
You do realize editing a garbage google-translate tier sub will still result in a garbage sub right?
Amendment : line 231 -> What did the lyrics mean ? As I said before, I wasn't too sure about a few of the subs, having not been able to correct them (usually because the sentence was so nonsensical that I couldn't understand what was meant to be there). If you guys spot any other big mistakes like that and can offer a better correction, let me know. is still a little better. Not good, but passable mostly and parse-able at its worst. This is bad, but at least its a properly done sub file, not hardcoded like the OS one.