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2018-07-13 18:30 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Grand Blue - 01 [720p].mkv (251.1 MiB)
> ✔Sport ✔Ecchi ✔Nude ✔Top tier art ✔Not Gay 11/10 Best shit ![Best Animu](http://tf2wild.com/img/emoticons/lmfao.png)
> Rarest Animu all about sport and Oolong tea.
>✔Not Gay Are you sure?
Is there any censorship ?!
too small size ??? what duration for dis
I laughed. That is all I need to say about this. I never laugh alone. This made me laugh.
grand blue fantasy?
what the fck is this? Drinking with Attack on Titan?!
> what the fck is this? Drinking with Attack on Titan?! Just diving, some water and oolong tea. 0% alcohol.
I'm also here to comment on this.
why do we only comment in 720p?
I have no idea. See, I have the download speed for 1080 yet, I download at 720p because it's faster, and I want to watch my show right away. I'll download 1080 later but...
>Is there any censorship ?! Yes. And probably you would be relieved that this have it.
>✔Not Gay >Are you sure? A show can't be gay if you put it together with straight and yuri.
wat da fuk did i just watch
How gay was this?
tsh......no h-scene...
Is this a spin-off of Free?
another season of meme anime again...
Jerk drunken gay show with some booby traps.
i was shocked at such a crude show. even for anime this took the cake..not for me not in 10000 years. waste of time and some nice girlz
I see Granblue is taking a different direction this season.
Good taste ![Manga](https://s3.mangadex.org/data/a2f6c5f9b1363d508ef9672f2adae053/9.png) ![Chisa](https://i.imgur.com/4xjVME8.png) ![ちさ](https://i.imgur.com/oiEvNHX.png) ![チサ](https://i.imgur.com/el3C520.png)
@Razeth thanks for ruining it for me
Definitely no gay.
I read the manga. The beginning is quite shyte to be honest but it gets hilarious pretty soon. This will be a goldmine.
I wonder why they changed Nanaka-san with Chisa at the beginning of the manga. Hmm.
8.99 on MAL's manga page for this generic ass ecchi harem? Wtf is wrong with this generation??
@baka-tracer it get's hilarious when cakey enters the scene XD
> generic ass ecchi harem Since when Gintama spin-off became ecchi and harem? LMAO.
I watched it and I say that the comedy is not that good, it is just ok I'm will continue watching because it has hot looking girls. But this show is not that great as people make it. I say that I'm enjoying Harukana Receive and Hanebado more that this show.
for anyone who is wondering. the manga of this anime is ranked much much higher than any of the sh'it you read, if you read at all. for those claiming thiis to generic ass ecchi, you don't know sh'it
Wow. This was dumb and awful.