2018-07-12 13:07 UTC
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Lord Starfish: Translation Check, Timing, Quality Check Toni: Editing, Quality Check Puto: Editing, Typesetting Xemnas: Translation Check Special Thanks: Generation neXt, ExWizzard Our second Pocket Monsters movie release. Unlike the Lugia film which had terrible pre-exisiting subs that forced us to start from scratch, the GX_ST translation was at the very least possible to work with, and so we used it as a base for this heavily edited version here. We’re still undecided if we’ll be doing any more movies in the future, though members of our group have shown interest in a few of them. The next Pocket Monsters film, Everyone’s Story, is being released in Japanese cinemas around the time of posting this, but we haven’t yet decided if we’re going to sub it. Follow us on Twitter for further updates.

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_Movie_03_-_Entei_-_Emperor_of_the_Crystal_Tower_[47B79E76].mkv (2.0 GiB)

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If you don't sub Everyone's Story, there's probably not gonna be any subs for it at all.
@kargaroc Especially considering that PM is basically dead still.
Really cool to see this, thanks. (And subs for Everyone's Story someday would be sublime).
but, S&M-poke-(RAW) torrent seeder is only he(Starfish) now
Awesome, thanks, but what about first movie? Are you guys gonna sub BD using Ryro subs?