[SA18HD] Violet Evergarden - 14 OVA [Eng Sub][1920x1080p][A3C][Extra Special]

2018-07-12 02:48 UTC
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Violet Evergarden Episode 14 OVA [Extra Special] English Subbed FHD Super Quality Subs..... With OP, ED AND SIGNS. Raw Source: Neko-Raws Duration: 34mins12secs. Quality: 1920x1080p Visit FB Page...... "Spring Animes 2018 HD" for Anime related Discussion and much more... Source: [ https://www.mp4upload.com/5wxa67im7zm3 ] [ facebook.com/195785357730455/latest_video/ ] P.S: I was gonna release it earlier but every time I finish some project somehow personal errands come in and it took 9hrs to settle my normal lives. My personal life doesn't matter now.

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  • [SA18HD] Violet Evergarden - 14 OVA [1080p][A3C][Exta Special][Eng Sub].mp4 (348.3 MiB)
this still isn't mkv so stop putting mkv in the title. I've removed it once again.
"Exta Special" You certainly are
i'm glad someone has finally come around that makes hadena look good
Please stop. You're only embarrassing yourself.
Couldn't even be bothered to spellcheck? Wright?! Bullshit watermark as well?
Super Quality Subs
Tottemo sugoi subs. Arigato gozaimasu senpai ^_~


![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/CCHzbWi.jpg "notto disu shitto agen")
dammit, this is serious troll and polluting nyaa.
>A3C :GWlulurdMegaLul:


Watermark suck
![alt text](https://image.ibb.co/k4417T/Screenshot_2018_07_12_01_25_53.png)
Vivid-Asenshi save us please
Hello I made this account simply to tell people not to download this and wait until somebody else releases subs. These are the lowest quality subs I have seen in all my years.
OHYS is better than dis shit
Damn, whoever making the subtitles is just bullshit. “super quality subs” my ass. You ruin the whole experience for the people who will watch this. The subtitles in this version are directly translated without proper understanding of english language arrangement, sentences and meaning. Anyone else who read this comment, just wait for better release. Be patient is better than being bullshit. This anime is amazing, but just being ruined by this “Spring Anime 2018 HD” ass. Just close your damn page! and we don’t want to see that watermark, just show it in the subtitles at the beginning is enough.
Aside from the terrible quality of subs, and ignoring the annoyance of that floating "Spring 2018 Animes Facebook Page" - is anyone else fucking TRIGGERED that its NOT FUCKING "ANIMES" YOU NEANDERTHAL, 'ANIME' IS ALREADY PLURAL YOU BRAINLESS, DICKLESS, HOPELESS SACK OF MONKEY SHIT. HALLELUJAH. WHERE'S THE TYLENLOL.
I think a feature to add some uploader to an ignore list would be nice to have.

7DeadlySiner (uploader)

![alt text](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/016/555/12d.jpg)
this, please ![img](https://i.imgur.com/s5r2qka.png)
yes i agree with RH i would use that feature solely to block commie releases
Peak autism achieved, July 2018.
pls remove dis SHITTTTTTT
The attention seeking of this faggot is over the top.
Too late for the party.
@RH @arhsnbvd689, this is the greasemonkey script I use to filter out categories and tags. It will probably make your Nyaa experience better. https://gist.github.com/motbob/83f9ac02abb7da41042b61dde3b059ee You can edit it to filter out the categories and tags you want. If you don't want to filter categories, just delete everything from after "// ==/UserScript==" to before "var aTags"
oh shit, thanks motbob! i feel stupid for not thinking of that does one of those nukes filter out red uploads? if so, i wanna keep that there ahh, doesn't seem it does. i'll see if i can tweak it to removed reds too
>THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND APPRECIATION. Lmao, never running out of memes eh, mate?
I think it's better to ban individual red-spammers than all reds, especially since reds are sometimes the best torrents available for a show.
This is some serious google translate shitty quality, just wait for another version...
Oh Yes! Learning english with Google Translation! This is the 6. time with horrible Translation and to much facebook watermark
@motbob Thanks :) But now I'm not sure if I can really put 7DeadlySiner on the ignore list, this is actually quite entertaining. (•̀ᴗ•́)
@7DeadlySiner fuck you and your facebook shit.
Subtitles are so poorly done I was thinking this was done on purpose just to troll, please report shitty torrents that has no quality guys.
keep advertising your shitty facebook page. >100000 followers. Wtf is facebook even doing.
just wait for Vivid-Asenshi
'100,000 followers.' How much did you pay the service for that many followers?
Well shit. I'm on motbob's ignore list. ![](https://a.safe.moe/V2Zhtnh.gif)
This has over 900 downloads. What is wrong with you guys?
Y'all are not gonna get any help from the mods until he actually breaks a rule.
Wow I hate Minami now
can someone share otakustream version? they have way better sub
LOL, he dun got banned.
This page needs a "Vote Delete" button.
I've released a .srt file for the Ohys-Raw torrent. The English is no longer broken, however I based the subs off of this file, and even I couldn't decypher what the intended subs were sometimes; I've spent 5+ years correcting English papers. So, while the subs still aren't perfect in a couple of instances, they're cleaner, with no spelling/grammar mistakes, and you can enable/disable them at all times. Bonus : no watermarks.
>I’m here. aaand that's a cheeky permaban for ban evasion. Have fun in your facebook group.
The sub quality is next level
Why so much meanness? I like this guy. He is enterprising and enthusiastic. How bad can his subs be? I bet they are not as bad as the subs from the first season of Initial D made off the Chinese releases.
Why is everyone being such a douche?? If you people are having so much problem then do this... Encode and Upload torrent urself. Fucking Cunts.