[Orphan] Oruorane the Cat Player (LD)

2018-07-11 20:02 UTC
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Orphan is proud to present the first English version of the *1992 Oruorane the Cat Player* (*Neko Hiki no Oruorane*). This charming fantasy OVA is encoded from a Japanese laserdisc by Piyo Piyo Productions. For more information, see the blog entry. This release, and all Orphan releases, are available for direct download from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on irc.rizon.net. Highly recommended to all fans of fantasy, whimsy, and of course, cats. BAKA me - I fumble fingered the final file name. It's **Oruorane**, not Orurorane. Just rename the downloaded file to: [Orphan] Oruorane the Cat Player (LD) [7E82EC8F].mkv

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  • [Orphan] Orurorane the Cat Player (LD) [7E82EC8F].mkv (257.8 MiB)

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Another forgotten gem, thank you for you work.
thanks as always guys
Thanks a lot. Love all your releases. By the way, Would you guys consider doing Aguu Tensai? I know you specialize more on older stuff but this series looks really awesome and unique yet it hasn't been picked for streaming/subbing by anyone and it's a crying shame. Would be eternally grateful if somebody decided to do it ;)
Please sub Yumemakura Baku Twilight Gekijou too...

archivisth (uploader)

^ +------- donhumberto and RyzakiT Read this first: https://collectr.blogspot.com/2016/08/how-orphan-chooses-projects.html Orphan doesn't do currently airing shows, subbed or not. And there are no good raws for Twilight Gekijou. The laserdisc for Twilight Gekijou is on sale in Japan for a mere 15,000 yen, if you want to buy it for us: plus shipping to the US, of course, so it can be ripped.