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2018-07-11 14:28 UTC
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Thanks looks promising, but feels like it will be a bad ending already.
Why people always just overall story from the ending!? Actually, give definition of a bad ending. What a shame mindset.
The ending is an important part of the story and there are people who consider this as the most important part. When you like the main character and you see him die at the end after all the effort he put you have the right to not like it. (this is one of my definition of bad end btw). And everyone is free to judge an anime the way he wants... And I did not overall the story...
Because I judge an anime by it's entire piece. Many decent anime have been ruined by a bad ending, actually, the ending being good or bad is the most important factor of an anime being enjoyable as an experience, at all.
@Exerion Again, what a shame mindset. This life does not evolve from your own personal ideal and definition. Sometimes, the author or creator created the overall story when they have already planned what the ending would be like or, it is just how they wanted it to be because they created it. So, just accept it. If you want your freaking own ending, then make one yourself. Even in real life, you don’t always get the solution or conclusion the way you want it and sometimes, in a very unexpected way. People sometimes die in the end, and the main character is not an exception. Again, accept it. If you cannot accept it, fine, but don’t say it is a bad ending, it just as how it is intended to be. @Rowan …again, what is a bad ending? “most important factor”? what a shame. You’re just saying “IF I don’t like this ending, MEANS it is a BAD ending and become a BAD anime overall.”, what a pity. Both of you, at least try to improve yourselves ok.
@HenshinRide What a pathetic mindset you have. Weather it is bad or good, an opinion is always biased and everyone is free to have his own. Who do you think you are to refute this ? And why should I accept whatever the author writes ? Are you the type of people who rate 10/10 on every manga because the author did what he wanted to do ? What a lame mindset. The author is free to do whatever he wants and in the end I am free to judge however I want with my own criteria. Don't impose yours on the others. And why the hell are you comparing fictional stories with reality ? Really... Even if most of the story is good, if I think the ending is bad then it is a bad ending (again for me). And @Rowan is right, animes can be disappointed. The one who should improve himself is you @HenshinRide, if you can't accept that people can have different way of thinking then don't look down on them...
Admittedly I find "Protagonist dies = bad ending" to be vague, as events leading up to said ending can make for ideal closure to accent the series (spoiler ie. Code Geass, Inuyashiki, Gundam - Tekketsu Orphans). These all end on death but end with hope, and get wrapped up quite nicely compared to some other disappointments that let the protagonist off easy but do it in a pretty crude fashion. Probably should call it "well/poorly-executed ending" instead of just "good/bad ending". Unless you're the kind of person who rejects anything as trash the moment the protagonist gets hurt (seems awfully childish but each to their own), I think we can agree that the way the story's told is a bigger deciding factor than the content of the story itself. Dark endings are fine, sometimes enjoyable; Sloppy endings are not.
@Chibikika Yes I was clearly too vague. I actually liked Code Geass, but that is because I prefer Suzaku and not Lelouch. If Suzaku died I would not have liked the ending. I think most mangas where the MC die there is some hope left by him. (Orphans was bad from the start for me ^^) As for the "“well/poorly-executed ending” instead of just “good/bad ending”", I partially agree with you. but let's look for "Just because" for example (nothing to do with death though) I honestly think it was a good ending but at the same time I think it was poorly executed except for some scenes. Same for Darling in the FranXXX. So in the end I think the expression "bad ending" should not be taken as general, but just as my own opinion. And the animes I reject as trash are those with incest, loli and the all cast feminin/masculin ones. PS : what is your avatar from plz ? I can't recognize it.
Xerxes Break and Sharon Rainsworth (Pandora Hearts). Manga's significantly better (complete, for one).
@Chibikika Thanks ! Been so long since I saw it, I can only remember the MCs.
In "Shamo" the main character died at the end... And no one complained :D
What's with the weird white filter over the picture?