[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Kamen Rider Build - 42 [D65E7490].mkv

2018-07-01 03:16 UTC
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  • [THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Kamen Rider Build - 42 [D65E7490].mkv (543.3 MiB)
Wow shit, it's time for the war for speed
Man, no one cares about that. OT have been releasing the raws and subbed ones even before you arrive and start this "war speed" drama.
GuSTaVauM And even then they were slow. People like speed
People like quality. Just compare your downloads and OT ones, lol. Just stop the drama and release your stuff in peace.
Agreed. No one gives a shit about releasing a raw a few minutes earlier.
Fuck you everyone
no one wants to fuck you, sorry.
> GuSTaVauM And even then they were slow. People like speed and "Seohex" make speed-raws no, thanks. "Stop it, get some help"
I totally agree that this "war of speed" is completely futile, and fast does not necessarily mean good quality ... GuSTaVauM, OT, and many other team out the raw and subtitles in time but if people want the raw before and although it is used at home anyway you have no monopoly and exclusive rights to raw SEOHEX, people are free to choose who he wants and want a "raw butter" "It's completely hellish and immature. number of team out the same RAW / SUB in anime and other show and none are at war with each other
wow retard alert
WHAT DIS SHIT war fast update or what ???