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2018-06-27 16:18 UTC
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  • [Ohys-Raws] Alice or Alice - 13 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 (57.0 MiB)
This shouldn't be labeled as "13". This series only had 12 episodes and has been over for two weeks; this was one of the regular episodes.

ohys (uploader)

2018/6/27(水) 22:25~22:30 ありすorありす #13 ★総集編[終]
This is Episode 8 of the regular series. "Three Dark Christmas Contests". If you don't believe me look on any of the streaming sites, including Gogoanime & MasterAni, or here on Nyaa. You can also see that on AniDB under the entry's Episode Listing. AniDB: https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=13313 Actual (same) Episode 8 (MasterAni): https://www.masterani.me/anime/watch/2846-alice-or-alice-siscon-niisan-to-futago-no-imouto/8 Actual (same) Episode 8 (Gogoanime): https://www3.gogoanime.se/alice-or-alice-siscon-niisan-to-futago-no-imouto-episode-8
It's a re-edited version of episode 8, bits removed and added to make a different spin on the original episode
@J_LEE_C it's a compilation episode: https://www.hidive.com/stream/alice-or-alice/2018062713 (official HIDIVE simulcast link), from what I can tell it combines parts of episode 8 and also I think 10, possibly 7 as well. It's a pretty low effort compilation in any case, but it isn't identical to episode 8.
@Adam_Blazar and @TheDustyForest Thank you for clearing that up; I don't know Japanese so I couldn't see what the posts from ohys & Floreo were saying, and at first glance from just seeing the raw without any subs I knew I had seen those scenes already. Thanks for the explanation.
@J_LEE_C yeah no worries I thought it was just a re-air of episode 8 at first too but it's just a very oddly recut compilation of a mere handful of episodes lol
So, is there any new content at all, or just a full on re-cap?
@Ting_Juan there's no new content, it's just old scenes recut in an oddly smooth way so that it would seem like a single regular episode to someone who hadn't seen any of the episodes of which parts this recap was made up of
So what was the point?