[Tsundere] Demonbane - 05-06 [DVDRip h264 864x480 10bit AAC]

2018-06-27 10:29 UTC
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Halfway done [IRC](irc://irc.rizon.net/tsundere)

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Reminder the VN is better. Reminder this show is trash and not a good representation of what Demonbane is
Reminder that Squiggy is better. Reminder that bassgs435 is trash and not a good representation of what Nyaa is
Why so desperate to defend this trash show? I'm not even shitting on the uploader. Just the show itself.
It's pretty great that you have it in you to post that on every one of these uploads from now on though Like, in it's own hardcore autismo way
Demonbane is a VN I love a lot and will always love. It's the power of love and justice motivating me and moving me to post my negative opinions on every one of these uploads.
bassgs435 even as bad as it is its pretty generic/average for anime(kinda like SAO LOL).
That's the thing. SAO's source isn't much better. Demonbane's source is much better. What pisses me off is that adapted well, we could have a great anime. But they wasted the material they had.
bassgs435 become more and more try hard on each upload..................well i wonder what he gonna do when tsundere finish upload the whole series ?
bassgs435 So? Anime its it's own animal, its very hard to compare them directly, more so since anime needs more budget and quality staff to work well and more oft than not it dose not get enough.
I simply enjoyed the show the first time I watched it. And I will do so. Adaptation? VN? Manga? etc. These have never been factors to sort my feelings about any show. bassgs435 , if you have complaints, go talk to the production company not to the fans. No one appreciate you here.
@bassgs435, Shut the fuck up about the damn VN already! We get it, you like it better. Let people watch what they want to decide for themselves.

Squiggy (uploader)

"It’s the power of love and justice motivating me and moving me to post my negative opinions on every one of these uploads." That's the most shitty excuse I've heard so far. Nobody gives a shit about your opinion - welcome to the internet.
@bassgs435 I think you've forgotten that the VN isn't even available in English, so your point falls on deaf ears especially on a English translation to its anime adaption. If it was available your opinion would be something worth noting to others. I haven't seen this myself but now I will once it's complete.
The VN is available in english. Hilarious how you talk to me like that with wrong information And I don't give a shit about your opinions or you wanting a circlejerk for this garbage. The whole "I don't give a shit about your opinion" works both ways
And about the budget and all of that. Too bad if they can't get them. But they need to deliver a good product. They didn't and thus, I complain. Production issues are a very lame argument to defend a shitty end product that will remain shit forever.
@bassgs435 Re-read what I wrote that is if you are capable of putting your inflated ego aside. The anime used the title Kishin Houkou Demonbane so it was my thought the VN used the same title, the majority of times this is so so it was an honest mistake. However, your pride blinded you and acted accordingly instead of using your brain and noticing my mistake and informing me choosing instead the route of an idiot imagining things that wasn't even there. How does one write "The whole “I don’t give a shit about your opinion” works both ways" as a reply to my comment that was no where close to negative? From the offset, my comment comes directly going from thinking the VN was not translated therefore your opinion wasn't going to be legitimate since others could not play the VN to see what you mean, however, if it was available in English to read (which uses the original prequel title) others can take your opinion as worth noting. Seriously dude, get over yourself and your delusions. If Tsundere didn't released the entire batch I wouldn't of remembered the posts I made here 'cuz this is just stupid especially reading your delusional and toxic comments. You ain't no fan of the VN as so called fans like yourself would steer people away and not towards it.