[Tsundere] Demonbane - 03-04 [DVDRip h264 864x480 10bit AAC]

2018-06-25 13:55 UTC
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Friendly reminder that this anime sucks and to read the VN. I don't want to control what the uploader does. Just inform anyone who might watch this to read the VN before saying everything Demonbane sucks. I don't like it when great fun stories are criticised because the adaptation is a bad show.
oh boy Thanks btw keep it up \o/
thanks for doing this show! :)
bassgs435 the vn's are better most of the time, this is pretty much solid B or B- anime like it or not.
@zippydsmlee: just leave him be mi dude. this guy just don't get a clue and know when to quit.
Any chance to upload the DVDISOs?
Even ignoring the VN, this show is BAAAAAAAAAAADDD. If you're going to defend this, what's next?. Defending Dies irae's adaptation? Defending that Tsukihime show so bad people made a meme out of denying it's existence? Defending Gundam SEED Destiniy?

Squiggy (uploader)

Just shut the fuck up already.
I won't shut up. Don't upload a show if you don't want people shitting on the show. You can do what you want (upload the episodes) and I'll do what I want (post my opinion about the show). It's not like this is a show many people like or anything. So, I dunno why you didn't expect negative opinions about the show
Dude fuck off already
bassgs435, please stop. People get it. You're just being disruptive now.