Terrace.House.Opening.New.Doors.S03E05.Week21.720p [EN+FR] v2

2018-06-19 18:37 UTC
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(v2 of the release. I forgot to cut the end on the first one, sorry) I’m back! Here is week 21. I’m bad at synopsis, so just watch the hell out of that drama ep! Next episode will show up later today. French subs were available for this episode, so I added them. Subs by NF : English translation by Emily Noguchi. Sous-titres Français par Christelle Lebeaupin. Enjoy

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  • Terrace.House.Opening.New.Doors.S03E05v2.Week21.720p.mkv (615.5 MiB)
welcome back. thanks for the ep!
Okaeri! Hope you've enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for the episodes.
Welcome back and thank you so much for the episodes !!!
I just got back from vacation too! THANKS FOR THESE WELCOME HOME PRESENTS.
OMG thank you so much, honestly you're the best ever. Hope you had fun in your break. Welcome back!
thank you so much!!! i have a question though, hope someone can help me. my torrent downloader doesnt load the subtitles. i dont understand why not, do you have any tips?

LeDob (uploader)

Thanks all ! A break in Japan is always fun :) @lyso the subtitles are within the .mkv file, it has nothing to do with your torrent downloader. What player do you use to play the file? On which operating system?
@LeDob hi, i'm also having problems with the subtitles :( they don't show up in VLC player (on mac) even though the subtitles are toggled on. and when I try to play the file on xbox one console, turning on the subtitle file corrupts the playback.
Using MPC for years, no subtitle problems so far.
@ahdai do you happen to know a good MPC alternative for macs?

LeDob (uploader)

There's often an issue with subs on MAC. Update VLC to the lastest version (v3.0.x) or use mpv ( https://mpv.io/ ), you should be fine.
@LeDob @lyso mpv is working for me, thank you so much!