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[Notes for the movie](https://ggkthx.org/notes/notes-for-code-geass-episode-ii-handou/) Code Geass is being recaped with 3 recap movies. All of the dialogue from the TV show was re-recorded with the original voice actors (sans Tamaki). Additionally, there are some new scenes to help bridge things together from their 24 episode copy/paste job. Handou is the second of those movies and covers material from season 1 episode 18 up to season 2 episode 16. We took the subtitles from Bandai's official release of season 1 and season 2 and copy/pasted them and adjusted them accordingly. Some scenes were the same except 1 line got removed, etc. For the new stuff, we just translated that. Any lines that seem radically different from Bandai's release is because I had to watch this whole movie to check for KayDat's timing fuck ups and I just changed any line that pissed me off when I saw it. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ If you're interested in chatting about Code Geass, check out the [Cs' World Discord](https://discord.gg/kXG6GyH).

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>2017+1 >still using underscores in filenames
downloading [gg] subs in 2018 what a future this is
have my fantastic thank you!
HOLY CRAP! thank you so much! m(_ _)m
welcome back faGGots!!!
i'm really hyped for r3 to massively disappoint and for gg to drop the series in less than 5 episodes or not sub it all
@ap1234 It can't disappoint if you are already expecting a trainwreck.

ggkthx (uploader)

If it's simulcasted (and it will be because Funimation licenses all Geass stuff now), we won't even be touching it to begin with.
yesyesyes thank youuuu
Thanks for the grub.
love you love you love you!!! thank you!
First macross delta. Now this? Nice one GG.
You guys rock thank you so much. When can we expect a release of the 3rd and final movie on this site.

ggkthx (uploader)

The 3rd movie is still in Japanese theaters and won't be out on BD for a while.
An emphatic yes, thanks a lot.
Anyone have the .ass file?
Heyy, gg's back!
send the subtitles txt format pls I will translate russian language
The 3rd movie is out on BD. How soon are we expecting to see your subs? Waku waku!
Lovely!!! Can't wait for episode 3!!!
Thank you gg, Thank you Nyaa
Downloaded these three before watching the Resurrection one. It's very well done with all the bookmarks and stuff. That typesetter note thou lol