[Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC]

2018-06-11 22:49 UTC
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12.4 GiB
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Reseed - comes with ep01v2 from FPatch v1.5 [IRC](irc://irc.rizon.net/tsundere)

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  • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC]
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 01v2 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][99E80C3D].mkv (1.2 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 02 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][5C815AAD].mkv (1.2 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 03 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][073A50D7].mkv (940.2 MiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 04 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][7019F4FA].mkv (1.0 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 05 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][4E4871DB].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 06 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][A957B7AC].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 07 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][38CA7957].mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter - 08 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][36980E01].mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [Tsundere] Black Rock Shooter OVA [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC][76D3868C].mkv (3.3 GiB)
Thank you! Best anime ever!
Thank you power much!
The Other World battles were awesome cause of the animation. However, the series was so short.
I don't know if it's my sound car, my speakers, audio drivers, or what, but the audio sounds pretty distorted at times, particularly when playing higher pitches. I tried re-encoding the audio to AAC, since I've noticed that often times FLAC audio will have a somewhat modulated sound when played at > 1x speeds, and converting to AAC always fixes that for me; and since this was sounding modulated at regular 1x speed, I thought maybe converting it to AAC would help, sadly it didn't :( Edit: jk, converting to AAC actually did fix it. I forgot that I was testing some audio filter settings in the particular instance of mpv that I launched the new AAC files. I rebooted mpv a little while later and the audio sounded normal (well the FLAC version still sounded fucked, but whatever), hurray.
Sorry to say that there's several translation errors in the first episode. I know fluent japanese but watched it with a friend who doesn't and noticed. I downloaded another version. Otherwise everything looked very nice!