[TecchanHouse] Terrace.House.Boys.x.Girls.next.door.S07E01.Week75.720p

2018-06-04 16:33 UTC
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Translation by CostcoSubs. Go thank them by joining the Discord server! They also have a patreon page if you want to support them :) Released by LeDob & yeheii for TH fans, enjoy!

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  • [TecchanHouse] Terrace.House.Boys.x.Girls.next.door.S07E01.Week75.720p.mkv (311.4 MiB)
I don't know how I've missed this being up for a week. I check multiple times a day for Terrace House uploads. But either way it's much appreciated

yeheii (uploader)

@donjuanatello I actually hid it, hoping I'd funnel some nyaa downloaders to visit my site: tecchanhouse.wordpress.com. check it out, 77 is already posted there :)
@yeheii I only know your site after reading your last comment. Will now check out your site for releases but i would like to point out it is not quite nice hiding the releases at nyaa.

yeheii (uploader)

@ahdai gomen ne
@yeheii i did right after commenting. i bookmarked the site and will check there first :) finally about to get my TH fix
Hi, I've been watching all the series of Terrace House and so far I'm up to date with "The boys x Girls Next Door" and the Latest "Opening New Doors" as they are uploaded. Watched " City" and "Aloha" series on Netflix previously. I'm so happy and grateful that you've been uploading the very first series. A million thanks to you. Really appreciate. I really think that Terrace House reality tv show and format is the best and I enjoy watching it tremendously. On a another note I have a question. Not long ago, I finished watching "Ainori - Love Wagon (2017)" on Netflix. Again another surprise , I really enjoyed watching this programme. I did a bit of research and discovered that this programme actually started to be broadcast in Japan around 1999 onwards. I was wondering if anybody knew where to get these AINORI Shows. So far on my side I haven't found anything. If available, could Ainori be made available on Nyaa. (not the latest 2017 Ainori shown on Netflix but any previous ones). A big Thanks in advance to anybody would be able to help on this question. Kind regards. Luffy007