KochiKame - 032 - Japanese with English subtitles [ATTKC]

2018-06-02 07:30 UTC
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Episode 32 of KochiKame (This is the Police Station in Front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward) (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo). Based on the longest running manga ever, KochiKame is a comedy and slice of life series about a police station in Tokyo revolving around the misadventures of middle-aged cop Kankichi Ryotsu. *032 - Ryotsu, Currently in Training* Vigorousjammer did the quality check and translated the opening and ending, sotoo translated various missing signs. See all our releases [here](https://attkc.blogspot.com/), see all Shin-chan releases [here](https://www.shinchanenglish.com/). [Join the Discord channel/server!](https://discord.gg/6eaj4KX) To contact us or chat with other people. ![pic](https://i.imgur.com/PHJn7IU.png)

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I think, the part at 22:08 - 22:14 is done wrong, either by RX, or by you. Though, I don't know japanese to say so...
@spc_away: Hmm... yeah, I see what you're saying. The line doesn't read very well and I probably could have localized it better. RX's version had it translated as "Monte Sagrado", though... which is Spanish for something, and was clearly incorrect (I assume their group didn't translate it from Japanese), so I attempted to check what was said in Japanese using a dictionary. When I looked it up, as far as I understand it, "shoutenji" essentially means to "make a display of oneself to another person". This is typically done by bowing down. I could have localized the line to something like "Bow down before this monk and beg for his forgiveness", but Daijiro's reaction wouldn't have made sense. You see, the word for "display" in "make a display", can also mean "reveal", which is where the Chief gets the idea to reveal Ryotsu's true identity. I tried to localize it so this would work in English as well, but it seems I failed. xD
Good work! Thank you!
@vigorousjammer : Isn't the translation something like this? "Daijiro, apologize! If you repent infront of this important monk, who came from Shoutenji Temple you will be forgiven." The first Shoutenji, the chief brother's speaks off is the temple isn't it? The second shoutenji which as you mentioned is probably along the word reveal.
@Dknight Yes, it seems you're right. Admittedly, my knowledge of Japanese is fairly limited, so the re-translation was essentially just an educated guess on my part during QC based on seeing "Monte Sagrado", knowing that was incorrect, and feeling that I should replace it with something. Because of this mistake, we'll be using a Japanese translator in a limited capacity for future episodes, who will check specific questionable lines like this. The majority of the script will still be translated from the Spanish version (since the Japanese translator we know doesn't have enough time to translate the episodes fully), but we will continue to strive for accuracy with the Japanese dialogue as well. As for me, I'll simply focus on making the lines sound good in English, and going forward I won't interfere with questionable lines like this, but simply mark them to be checked by the Japanese translator. I feel like this method will work much better, and will hopefully allow for embarrassing mistakes such as this one to completely disappear.