[GTeam] Dragon Ball GT [Japanese Broadcast Audio] - Batch 1: Black-Star Dragon Ball Arc (Episodes 1-22) [FLAC]

2018-06-02 00:33 UTC
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![alt text][logo] [logo]: https://i.imgur.com/0uaNJ2p.png "GTeam" The official releases of Dragon Ball in Japanese have always sounded poor, due to the optical film audio used, however for GT, this was unnecessary, as the series was originally distributed in a videotape format, which contained audio directly from the master audio mixes (in stereo for episodes 5+), though this audio went unused on the official DVDs. This is (hopefully) the final release of episodes 1-22 of the GTeam project, in which the high-quality audio, mastered by **Vindico**, is combined with the highest-quality video source available, (the Japanese Dragon Box DVDs), encoded by **Chouonsoku**, subtitles timed and corrected by **sangofe** and audio synced by **MizunoKamo** and **DaburasBeard**. The first 16 episodes now use a far-superior source we didn't originally get until episode 17, and all the episodes have undergone mastering by Vindico, who was originally only brought on-board starting with episode 22, and we're now using FLAC audio encoding. Many adjustments were also made to the subtitle track, most notably the styling of the OP/ED sequences. Special thanks go to **genjosanzo8** for some preliminary audio syncing work he carried out at the dawn of this project, and to **clutchins** for providing the initial seeding of this torrent. ------------------------------------------------------------ Our most humble apologies for how long this release has taken. Various factors have kept most of the team busy unexpectedly these past months, but we're now determined to finish what we started. Keep your eyes out for the Baby arc, covering episodes 23-40, coming very soon.

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  • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - Batch 1 Black-Star Dragon Ball Arc (Episodes 1-22)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 01 (Mastered Audio) [BECC5A15].mkv (666.8 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 02 (Mastered Audio) [C8B6994B].mkv (671.0 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 03 (Mastered Audio) [292B87B9].mkv (728.1 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 04 (Mastered Audio) [6F54641F].mkv (658.3 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 05 (Mastered Audio) [9467F99C].mkv (587.8 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 06 (Mastered Audio) [96F1EBA8].mkv (825.5 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 07 (Mastered Audio) [4D5FA4CF].mkv (752.6 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 08 (Mastered Audio) [C029DE7B].mkv (756.6 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 09 (Mastered Audio) [8F7D4E44].mkv (677.6 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 10 (Mastered Audio) [B901F498].mkv (669.4 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 11 (Mastered Audio) [60E2BD2F].mkv (685.3 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 12 (Mastered Audio) [69F6C493].mkv (682.7 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 13 (Mastered Audio) [28E9530C].mkv (679.2 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 14 (Mastered Audio) [1DE56D73].mkv (611.0 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 15 (Mastered Audio) [A142F535].mkv (703.1 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 16 (Mastered Audio) [F4DE2876].mkv (703.4 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 17 (Mastered Audio) [8A4A5DCA].mkv (752.6 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 18 (Mastered Audio) [92D561D8].mkv (744.6 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 19 (Mastered Audio) [595BB8D6].mkv (849.5 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 20 (Mastered Audio) [25F4C8FF].mkv (835.1 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 21 (Mastered Audio) [2CC82FBF].mkv (840.0 MiB)
    • [GTeam] Dragon Ball GT - 22 (Mastered Audio) [BDC23E2C].mkv (823.9 MiB)
This is not mentioned in the description, but the audio is presented in fully lossless FLAC.
Nice job, It says a lot about you to take all this time to do this project for people! I wonder if you have thought on doing the same for Dragon Ball Z, I could help you providing material. Again, thanks for this, is a pretty good job!
@Ayreon: Getting the material is no problem, mastering 291 episodes plus two specials, on the other hand, is. It is time-consuming and I currently don't have much of that.
Whats the default for audio/subs?
Hi. What are the differences with your previous versions? Thanks.
even if Vindico and others members did a far better work with the audios than me (i am genjosanzo8) thanks to the team for this incredible work, i hope i'll find as good audio editor for others broadcast audio project to make this kind of release for other stuffs thanks to the team, can't wait to see the full gt with great audios :)
moonlite88 -- The only audio track here is mastered Japanese TV broadcast audio, only subs are a modified and timed OCR of Steve Simmons' subs for GT. The group considered adding dubs for the batch release, but Funimation's dub sucks. Vindico and I toyed around with doing something with the Blue Water dub (which is a pretty decent dub) so the batch would have a dub track, but the quality of availble Blue Water dub rips is terrible, and this release is a sub-focused release; doing dubs would take time away from the other things that needed our attention for this batch, and most people who would prefer to watch dubbed would prefer Funimation, so we elected to keep this a sub-only release. lorentzo59 -- Basically, pretty much everything is better... The audio uses an infinitely superior source, the episodes that weren't mastered before have now been mastered, and the ones that were mastered before have been mastered using a new, improved process. For the subtitles, sangofe did an in-depth QC of every episode, fixing various timing errors, adjusting several lines in some episodes to fit an altered audio sync, etc. The subtitle styles have also been upgraded, so the -- in my opinion rather ugly -- opening and ending sub styles from the old release are gone, replaced with some very nice styling. And, for the audio syncing, the first 6 episodes were entirely re-synced, and several others had minor adjustments.
DaburasBeard, I would be interested to know what mastering process has been used. I know something about mastering and could be of help for future projects
Good, awaiting the full batch.
ninjacloud -- We won't be doing a "Full batch". From the beginning, the plan has been to do four arc-by-arc batches. Doing a full-series batch afterwards would be pointless; there's nothing to add, so it would just be a repackage of what you already get from the normal batches.
Wow, that's cool. Gonna pass on it, can't really be storing a lot of things these days.
Welp, now it's mentioned in the description and I can't delete my first comment so ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano: If you'd please stop distributing the older, inferior audio, like I asked you before, that'd had been even cooler.
Thank you tremendously for your group's work! Would be nice if Toei respected their own IP a little more so great people like you could spend your time better elsewhere. I've personally never really given GT a fair shot, but this does it major justice since people now don't have to choose between muffled or horrible dub.
Oh, I thought there may happen to be some changes in the full batch. Okay I am getting it now.
FINALLY! Great work, anticipating the other batches now.
Thanks, I want to analyze the audios to see how they sound.
Will you also release the extras of the Dragon Box GT? Or just leave that for Pendakar's project?
JohnnyOak -- I'm unfamiliar with the extras on the GT box, but I do know we plan on putting the textless OP/ED videos in the final arc's batch, and the TV special in the third.
@JohnnyOak: I'm expecting better instrumental versions for the OP/ED. Those will be included in one of the later batches.
Thanks a lot ! :)
can you make a separate folder for subs, i nee to sync them with my gt collection btw awesome job and thanks
KakarotManrai99 -- You can rip the subs out using some sort of muxer. (I recommend MKVToolnix)
Thanks very much for these! I'm a bit of a broadcast audio newbie, so I had a quick question if that's okay. I know that with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the original broadcast audio survives only via old VHS recordings from dedicated fans. But the situation's different with GT, from what I understand. The broadcast audio still airs when GT is rerun on modern television, correct? Is that what these rips are from? I'm still trying to get a better grasp on how this stuff works. I was partly asking because I noticed a couple of instances where there would be a slight "pop" in the audio in some places (once during the preview at 24:20 in episode 22, and a more minor instance when Goku screams "Pan!" at 22:26 in episode 13). I'm not sure if there are any other instances (I haven't watched everything yet). I wasn't sure if this was just one of those "it comes with the territory" things since we're dealing with vintage audio. Either way, thanks in advance! It's obvious a lot of love and care went into this project!
Thanks a lot! Can't wait for the next batches.
Can’t wait for the next release
@JumpStart: "I know that with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the original broadcast audio survives only via old VHS recordings from dedicated fans." - Well, more beta than VHS as the quality on that is much better and depending on what region of Japan you lived in to record those and how you stored the tapes, the quality could only get worse. "The broadcast audio still airs when GT is rerun on modern television, correct? Is that what these rips are from?" - That's correct. "I wasn’t sure if this was just one of those “it comes with the territory” things since we’re dealing with vintage audio. " - Those pops are at the same places on multiple airings, so I just assume this happened during the transfer from the original tape for the assembly with the Dragon Box footage.
Thanks very much for the explanation, Vindico! That's a real shame about the audio pops. If they really are in the exact same place in every airing, like you said, then I guess it's unavoidable. That's too bad, but ultimately it amounts to .01% of the viewing experience and it's probably not worth the time I've taken to write about it. The clarification is *very* much appreciated and it's nice to have it reinforced that this is likely the best the series will ever sound, minor faults and all. Thanks again!
Any ETA on the next batch? Just wondering if it's going to be a long or short wait.
@Vindico, I recommend you to use Dragon Ball GT Digitaly Remastered version. Look here why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epxFFy01dRU
Any idea when the Baby Saga might be completed? Thank you so much for this amazing release! It is so awesome to see that people actually love DBGT like I do. Thank you again!
shinmugetsu2000 -- digitally remastered is dragon box with a blur filter. it looks like crap. we will not be using it.
ruggie74 -- lots of crap has happened so we are running way behind schedule. maybe in the new year.
Thanks! Seed please!
@DaburasBears Thanks for the update!! That's unfortunate to hear. I hope everything is alright for you guys! We'll all be praying that you can get the release out soon while we wait patiently. Fingers crossed!
Can you share audio collection files with us please?i already have a complete dragon ball,z,gt, but need broadcast audio.thanks for your help and have a nice day.
@ AnimeGodz They prefer to release a full-fledged product rather than just the audio files. Dragon Ball GT looks really superb, and it's not even remastered in high definition.
There is no seed for episode 48, i'm stuck and i'm watching this series for the first time in japanese :,(
Any updates on batch 2?
Is this still being worked on?
@KingOfBunnies -- yes. current work is mostly on vindico to do. we all have lives so we can't dedicate all the time we'd like to this. and unfortunately things get in the way. as they have for some time. we're at a place where we can start working on it again properly. :)
Can someone please seed? Thank you!
I am going to start seeding this continually for the foreseeable future.
Just want to be sure I'm getting the super extra cropped version of GT that has a ton of the top and bottom removed with this torrent, right? :P
I am going to seed this continually for the foreseeable future.
@KingOfBunnies - what? no.
It was a joke. Hahaha.
no. still waiting on one team member's critical work. still not getting done as fast as we would like. still nothing we can do to speed it up. sorry.
I hope someone can seed this batch, and obviously I'll be waiting for the upcoming batches.
After you guys do the next batch, would you consider just doing 41-64 for the third? Seems like a waste of time to do a "batch" on Super 17 when that's literally only 41-47.
@DaburasBeard Do you guys have an ETA for the next batch? If not, do you have an estimated completion percentage for it that you could share with us? Really looking forward to your next release. Thank you so much for all the hard work.
How is the project progressing so far?
@KingOfBunnies that is probably what we will do. @Ruggie74 @KingOfBunnies no eta. sorry. most of the work rests on one member, who has been very busy for a very long time. hopefully we will get this done soon, but i do not know how long it will take. sorry i can't give a better answer.
Have they become less busy with the quarantine?
@DaburasBeard Just wanna say i appreciate you actively talking and answering peoples questions. I didn't find out about your guys stuff until recently and with the last Batch being almost 2 years ago I was ready to give up on it quickly. With no discord or GTeam site/Forum easily found I had pretty much accepted i wouldn't find any updated information, but by reading through the comment sections on GTeams uploads you alone have kept people informed and responded to the comments reassuring everyone the group hasn't given up. Without your comments I think almost everyone who has heard of or looked forward to GTeams releases would've thought GTeam was a thing of the past, and i applaud you for it.
@DaburasBeard I just wanted to echo @bromains3's comment and say: thank you, on behalf of the entire Dragon Ball community, for not only doing all this work to preserve this wonderful series, but also for your communication here with us. We know you guys are all so busy with real life right now and are looking forward to whenever you do manage to get the next batch released -- not matter how long it takes! We can't thank you enough for your tireless, incredible work!
Any updates on batch 2 at all?
I'm sorry to have to say this, but consider Gteam dead. Daburasbeard quit quit, and Vindico lost all his remastering work in a hard drive crash.
So should we just download that complete series torrent that's up?
I honestly don't know but I guess so if it has the redone batch for 1-22.