[Commie] Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - 08 [D6EF4EF2].mkv

2018-05-31 23:05 UTC
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  • [Commie] Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii - 08 [D6EF4EF2].mkv (329.2 MiB)
Can't wait for DameDesuYo release!
Can't wait for IndoMEME's next comment! thanks
Is there a special reason you guys decided to deliberately misspell the name of this show?
misspell? in the manga it's written [Wotaku ni koi ha Muzukashii](https://i.imgur.com/OOJY859.png) which no upload on this site uses, nor does anyone use the official english title, "Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku". so actually, literally every upload "deliberately misspells the name of this show". meanwhile, our releases is actually consistent in reflecting how the title is pronounced. if you want to use "wotaku" to indicate the unusual spelling (but not pronunciation), it should also be "ha" instead of "wa" like how the manga does it. any other stupid questions?
I have one: where tf did the "W" come from in the first place?
indomeme, never stop.
the w is pretty complicated and basically only possible to understand if you know some japanese. if you're just watching anime then it doesn't really matter (which is partly why we don't use it).
@Haruhiro, ヲ (wo) is pronounced the same as オ (o) (and often written the same), which is the same as お (o) (and likewise for を (wo)), it's basically just a different way of writing it and though there's lots to unpack about why people pick one or the other, for the most part the difference in meaning is entirely individual. In a similar way to weeb/nerd/geek, people will tend to use one which they feel fits them best. There's some historic connotations but there's usually a mix of オタク (otaku) and ヲタク (wotaku) nowadays. Some people use ヲタク because it doesn't have the same everyday negative connotations and sounds a bit more archaic and respectable (since classical Japanese uses ゑ (wi), を (wo) and ゐ (wi) a lot more, such as in continuing tense (続いてゐる (continuing), for example, where it's now written as 続いている (continuing but with 'i' instead of 'wi'))), and it's a lot like "weeb" for the prior reason. Anyway, essentially they mean exactly the same thing. [Wasted too much time double checking my memory, so herkz already replied, but may as well post in case you're curious about the stuff you need to know a bit of Japanese for]
"Wotaku" is just badly written "otaku" since China can't use romaji apparently. It's like with AoT. Wrong but official. Commie used correct spelling anyway, like they tend to do.
maybe wotaku= worker otaku?
@reinnierrein it's literally pronounced otaku it's just a different letter that is usually transcribed wo but said like o in most accents
I see.. like Miyazono Kaori that written as 宮園 かをり
yall so retarded hoylshit