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2018-05-15 23:23 UTC
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  • [PAS] Piano no Mori (2018) - 06 [WEB 720p AAC] [C61BD9A0].mkv (298.6 MiB)
Thank you! I know you were dealing with a few delays with staff vacation & final exams. But we appreciate you still getting it out!
Sweet, thanks for the hard work!
Piano no Mori= the forest of the piano/the piano forest NOT piano of the forest, it's fucking irritating to see the same obvious mistake over and over! But thanks for the release anyway.

PA-Subs (uploader)

@DameNingen we know the literal translation of ピアノの森 but the editor felt this sounded better, and the TL didn't really think the distinction was worth worrying about. In the show, I'm told 森のピアノ is used for the piano and ピアノの森 is used for the forest but the tl figured both the piano and forest carry similar value to Kai, sentimentally. The editor's afk right at this moment but the editor and tl will talk it over some more or something and decide what to do. The tl said you were technically right though. Thanks for bringing this to our attention again!
Interestingly the anime doesn't seem to have an official English title? A lot of the time nowadays they'll throw one in there even if it's a bit off or whatever, but I can't seem to find one easily for this. And the manga's unlicensed as far as I can tell, so there's nothing to go off of that either lol. Maybe we'll get an official English title if the anime gets official subs at some point...
"Sounded better"? But one's right and the other's wrong! The manga uses both phrases, and is completely clear about the distinction and how Kai views them. The Forest Piano is destroyed, but Kai memorialises it by naming it as one of his teachers in his CV for the Chopin Competition; in the end he even gives up the key that he kept as a talisman, passing it on to Ajino (whose piano it originally was, after all) - and we see Ajino use it as a talisman at the end. The Piano Forest OTOH has been internalised by Kai, and he can take us there whenever he sits at a piano - any piano; it is the essence of his art, and the ultimate subject of the story, hence being its title.
I guess the nearest to an official English title until Netflix release their version of the anime world-wide in Q3 is the subtitle of the manga: "The Perfect World of Kai"
To be fair, a lot of English titles aren't exact translations and change the meaning a bit, either because it sounds better (due to Japanese and English having different grammar structure and all that fun stuff) or because of spoilers. Attack on Titan, for example, isn't a direct translation of Shingeki no Kyojin but it having the actual translation wouldn't work because it'd give away a huge plot point (which the fandom, as large as it is, somehow didn't figure out until it was revealed over 80 chapters in). (Although, FWIW, I do agree with you, lol. I'm just being extremely pedantic about the subject in general. "Piano no mori" and "mori no piano" should indeed have different translations since they mean and imply completely different things.)
Anyone know the song Kai played on the Glass Piano?
It's an arrangement of the main theme from the last movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony. Then he plays Chopin's Minute Waltz, of course.