[Saizen] Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Kat's Puzzle-Solving Files - 01 (Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File)

2018-05-10 21:04 UTC
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Full-blooded localisation, complete with Queen's English and other regional dialects. Expect more soon(TM)

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  • [Saizen] Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Kat's Puzzle-Solving Files - 01 [A991D548].mkv (231.7 MiB)
While I like the idea of going all out with the localisation, it'd have been cool to also have a second track with the usual honorifics and simple English for people that mostly use English as a bridge language.

Saizen (uploader)

We did toy with that idea and I do sympathise, but as this series looks like it'll be over 50 episodes' long, it'd be a lot of work to basically create two scripts per episode, and it's arguably not all that necessary because there's a group already releasing with dual scripts and they're a lot further ahead than we are. We might rethink for batches later on, but don't hold your breath on that - we might be bored of the show after a year :D
Some respects should be made that the spoken language here is in fact Japanese and not English. Subs are not dubs. As a JAPANESE version of the show, those who rather the dub should just wait for such. Alienating and segregating fans of the Japanese versions of Japanese anime is pretty shitty for subs to do.
@futagen Wow, you know you can just turn off the subs if you don't like English, right? But yeah, for the most part it's just better, more natural writing, appropriate for the setting. I don't know if you actually watched the episode or are reacting to the idea of localisation in principle. Likewise, I can only imagine the name changes are to make a number of mysteries equivalently as solvable as in the original Japanese, or for reasons yet to be revealed. There's also Dreamless' releases available to you, which, though they tend to have quite a few more errors, are quite watchable in the case that you feel that strongly about the localised names or the occasions of setting-appropriate English.
I'm not fluent in Japanese at the moment (though I am studying -- anime being one my means), so subs that are over localized bears a HUGE issue while I'm LISTENING (foremost) AND reading to verify (and study). I don't enjoy having to decipher someone's ill-thought out rewrites and needless alterations. \ I wasn't aware of Dreamless' version until recently, but those do seem to be more of what I'm looking for. This version might be fine for those who know absolutely nothing about Japanese, however, I can't imagine anyone thinking the name "Noah" is in anyway spelt "Ernest". \ As far as standard "localization" goes, I just hate it when dub stylization hijacks absolutely everything and Japanese is treated as an inferior language, ignoring all familiarity rules and zones that go along with it, as well as just the fun and different nuances Japanese has. Doing so makes everything redundant.
@futagen Yeah, but the only real alterations are the names. The rest doesn't really change the meaning from the Japanese a single bit. You can get from the Japanese to the English and back without any more difficulty than any other sentence (with the exception of common meme translations like "It can't be helped" and the like). Nonetheless, for non-Japanese speakers, not localising would be alienating them instead. As when the reason for the name change arrives, the Japanese speaker will be able to discern what the meaning is, but the non-Japanese speaker will have no idea. You can hear the Japanese and the Japanese names, so it shouldn't be an issue that it includes changes to them. Likewise, not understanding the mysteries because of a messy translation would be quite bad too. I'm not sure what your complaint is about except possibly a generalised argument against the idea of localisation because of a few products which in the past have been censored and then scapegoated as "localisation". There's plenty of fun in this release and localisation tends to capture a much greater deal of that than its more literal counterpart. Likewise, content localised in this way is valuable as a Japanese learning tool as it reminds you that most Japanese has multiple ways of expression in English and this nuance is more explicitly highlighted in better written English. Just about any real use case of Japanese is served better by learning from localised translations as they also tend to capture the original Japanese more accurately.

Saizen (uploader)

Probably should've mentioned that we've localised based on the English localisation of the game that this series is based on. That's why we used Ernest over Noah, why Inspector Hastings/Aspoirot speaks cockney, etc. We didn't just pull names out of a hat and make things up as we went along.
wow, you guys sure wasted a lot of time typing up all those explanations for some guy who's just a giant weeb and thinks merely not keeping honorifics is a disgusting level of localization, let alone anything more like what you did here.
herkz your opinions are dumb.