[VCB-Studio] Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I.presage flower 8-bit 720p HEVC BDRip [Early Release]

2018-05-08 23:25 UTC
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1.6 GiB
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![FSNHF1_800px.jpg](http://img.2222.moe/images/2018/05/09/FSNHF1_800px.jpg) Gekijouban Fate/stay night: Heaven`s Feel I.presage flower 劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] I.presage flower」 8-bit 720p HEVC + AAC + PGS(JPN/ENG), MKV format. 1.5 GB. 0-day release. It comes with official Japanese/English picture-based subtitle. You may need to switch on/to it manually (this depends on your video player). ***High quality 1080p version is in active progress. We anticipate releasing it this weekend :)***

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  • [VCB-Studio] Fate ⁄ stay night Heaven's Feel I - presage flower [720p][x265_aac].mkv (1.6 GiB)
You can switch to English, no worries.
didn't see lul sorry
Yorokobe Shounen if you play FGO Kirei bless your rolls
Does this have subs??
Yep,this one has eng subs, maybe, i'll upload separate sub file, dunno
anyone who has this wanna upload this to gdrive? lol I need it for a watch party
I Only need the separated Subs ;=;
must have 1080p. Let's not bother with 720.
waiting for the subtitle only
just grab the subs from animetosho
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L7Ed--wlYq5Ai0iVCkjaMm08_Ll8wKyp - untouched rip https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HjluXCPcwEEpRw1v7jjX5JrcdmzIcNtx - Little bit set up
don't forget to seed perfect encode by the way
is the subs good ??
Just a heads up that if you can't see the subs even though they're enabled, it's because the sub file was untouched--so it only shows up on a 1080p video as the subs are 1080p. Since this is 720p, the subs are outside the video frame. So either wait for the 1080 or use a tool like bdsuptosub to correct the resolution.
Awesome thxs! @_314 thxs got the Little bit setup .ass version
I've had this kind of issue (subs not showing up) while using Media Player Classic, but it went away when I switched opening the files over to MPC x64 version. Perhaps try switching up your player? My main issue that I have with my player right now is that even though I have jpn set for default audio with eng set for default subs, it's doing the reverse. o.O ... Seems I had the same problem they did anyways. I grabbed the .ass file and remuxed it ... new link here: https://nyaa.si/view/1035197
i'll wait for the 1080p!

VCB-Studio (uploader)

@nomakewan @Skie_M We manually experimented a number of players without success to reproduce the problems you encountered. Could you please provide detailed information about your local playback environment (video player variant, version, components used etc.)? such that we can track any compatibility issue and avoid it in the future.
@Skie_M Might have to turn off the subtitle renderer in order for the PGS file to show up in MPC. I've always had issues playing PGS on MPC. On PotPlayer you have to turn off DirectVobSub under Preference > Filter Control > Filter Priority (Overall) > Block DirectVobSub and it'll play with no issues but yeah the .ass will be much easier, it'll overwrite the subs in the mkv in both MPC and PotPlayer.
I just went and used MKVMerge ... dumped both the subtitle files from the MKV and added the .ass directly. After muxing, I uploaded and left that earlier link. Plays just fine. Beyond that ... CCCP (combined community codec pack) Media Player Classic (Home Cinema) MPC - HC CCCP build 64 bit version blitzkreig I've also had wierd issues in the past concerning trying to transcode from various formats into mpeg2 and .ogg to burn to DVD for direct playback on a standalone DVD player ... it doesn't like to grab the subtitles. It's difficult, sometimes, to make the subtitles hardcode rendered in the video itself so that the DVD player will always show them, but that's probably just something I'll need to work out on my end. I've been using "Queue for Encoding" for a long time to do this stuff. Hoping I can find an updated version that can actually transcode h264 files and h265 as well.
Use up to date K Lite please don't bother complain if your player isn't latest vlc or latest K Lite
Went and grabbed latest version K Lite codec pack (14.1.5) ... apparently still uses MPC - HC, so I'm happy with that. I'll see how it works for me.
Stick to k-lite, PotPlayer, MPV or something like that. Don't get CCP it's out of date use k-lite. Maybe you need an updated VSFilter? http://www.filedropper.com/vsfilterver300322 In MPC go to Option > Playback > Output > Under Subtitle Renderer > Toggle it to "Internal Subtitle Renderer" if it's on anything else but that including VSFilter / DirectVobSub > Close MPC and open it and should play ith the PGS. Tho dunno if that's how it's suppose to look but it's the same in PotPlayer. https://s14.postimg.cc/woo84lmsh/iewjuwuyf89fb23.jpg The issue at my end has been the subtitle renderer in MPC that's preventing the PGS from playing correctly if it's not set to Internal Subtitle Renderer. Switch it back on to VobSub once done no big deal. Updating to latest k-lite isn't gonna solve it it's still gonna have the same issues I'd know that's what I am using if during the installation ask it to use DirectVobSub.
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