[PAS] Piano no Mori (2018) - 05 [WEB 720p AAC] [08D032FA].mkv

2018-05-08 01:28 UTC
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  • [PAS] Piano no Mori (2018) - 05 [WEB 720p AAC] [08D032FA].mkv (246.5 MiB)

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Did you guys drop Mahou Shojo Site?

PA-Subs (uploader)

@omaewamo, absolutely not! I love that series. Check the site sidebar or stickied site post. Our editor/tlc's been away on vacation and hasn't had computer access. All of my side of the work is done (or everything I can do, at least). Once they're back and have the state of mind to edit/tlc, I'll get them out ASAP.
Thank you! I love that series too and watch only with your subs so I was a bit concerned about the delay. I will make sure to check your website from now on.
glad im not alone enjoying mahou site
Thanks for this!
What a damn awful subtitles.
>What a damn awful subtitles. ESL-kun please
It is awful though complete opposite with mahou shoujo subs

PA-Subs (uploader)

Honorifics and name order are left up to the translator/tlc and editor on a per-series basis. The idea that subs can be good or bad based whether or not four characters are appended to every name or the order two words are displayed on screen is extremely funny to me. Just download Aegi and do a find for a character's name and append the corresponding four characters and swap the word order each instance if you really need to. Dual sub tracks would be the only way to satisfy everyone but they're risky to do because only one track would actually be QCed and that's just more room for something to go wrong but I will consider it for BDs. (but don't get your hopes up because I probably won't)
immersion is E V E R Y T H I N G
Thanks for your work on Piano No Mori, personally I thought Kooritsukai's subs were better (being a honorific weeb), but you are the only group doing it now (so please x1000 don't drop it) and your subs are just as good anyway, even without them. Also good to know that you haven't dropped Mahou Shoujo Site, I was worrying there for a while that you had and I would dread having to go back to the Horriblesubs/CR god-awful release.
hoping the next episode comes out soon. been dying for my fav opening of the spring season
Well that's a one great sub.... 👍👌