[Commie] your name. [BD 1080p AAC] [1D072CF2].mkv

2018-05-07 04:43 UTC
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  • [Commie] your name. [BD 1080p AAC] [1D072CF2].mkv (5.7 GiB)
This meme is ded already.
This meme is already ded.
Italian BD or Japanese BD?
>This was encoded from the Italian BD release (both the best quality source and the correct framerate unlike most of the BDs that have been released), and this release includes the dub with “English” songs (enjoy that if it’s even possible).
> not FLAC nty
[Commeme] your meme.
Much Appreciated.
Uchiage hanabi next?
Thanks, now I can finally fall asleep in the middle of all 5 Shinkai movies
> now I can finally fall asleep in the middle of all 5 Shinkai movies yup ?
Good watch. Everybody get rekt.
How is the Italian BD different from the Japanese?
better video quality correct framerate
Sweet. Time for another rewatch
Sorry for nagging but why is 24fps correct for this movie especially when 23.976 is more widely used?
> Not KKKK HDR nor FLAC/DTS/AC3 herkz best gal, bias Commie.
24 fps is correct because that's what fps it was made at. i'm not sure how else to answer.
> 24 fps is correct because that’s what fps it was made at. so, Italian BD's frame rate is 24?
Do you have a source for that herkz or what made you come to that assumption?
君のミームは。 Your meme.
>Do you have a source for that herkz or what made you come to that assumption? why would a film ever be produced at 23.976
>why would a film ever be produced at 23.976 why is everything at 23.976
> why is everything at 23.976 NTSC, and because there may be some (old) audio/video peripherals that don't play well with true 24p content. Also most (BD) encoders don't know what they are doing.
i see, so what fps do the bdmvs play at. are they sold at 24 then converted to 23.976 because 'encoders'. or in this case only italians know their stuff?
> It is actually is determined by physics and it dates back to cathode ray TV's. The electron beam is scanned across the screen in two passes. It first scans the odd pixels and then the even pixels. In North America TV was broadcast with 525 horizontal rows. Which means each scan did 262.5 rows. > In North America each TV channel was given 6 MHz to broadcast it's programs, of which about 4.5 MHz was usable. Picture was sent, and then a small gap and then audio was sent. When color programming came out, they had to somehow fit the color data in between the picture and audio. > The color signal was interfering with the normal picture. Using some complicated physics, you can get rid of the interference if the gap between the picture and color and the gap between color and sound are both odd integer multiples of the horizontal frequency divided by 2. Simplifying the expressions, you can find that you need an integer multiple time the horizontal frequency to equal 4.5MHz. > So, going back to our 525 rows. Your horizontal frame rate is the number of rows times the frame rate. So, we need a number that when multiplied by 525 becomes divisible into 4,500,000 (4.5 MHz). That number turns out to be 29.97. This is why TV is broadcast at 29.97 FPS. > Okay, now with that out of the way. The 23.976 comes into play when converting from the 24FPS that film cameras use to broadcast rates. 24x29.97/30=23.976. This is called a three-two pull down. Basically they are manipulating the frames in a way that is undetectable to the human eye so that they can match the frame rate of your TV. > ETA: This might seem like it doesn't add up so I'll add one last step. 23.976 happens to be exactly 4/5 of 29.97. These 4 frames can be stretched into 5 frames because of the way TV images are produced, and that is what allows the movie to be broadcast in 29.97. Just google'd it
all is left for me is "koe no katachi" and i can die in peace
why name it "your name", everybody will search for "tkimi no na wa" anyway
^ this tbh also why all lowercase
inb4 honorific meme
posting for posting's sake
>not waiting a few days for the German UHD-BD smh
thanks comeme.
>so, Italian BD’s frame rate is 24? obviously >Do you have a source for that herkz or what made you come to that assumption? well, the master is 24 fps according to the italian company that released this movie. there's also some pictures of the japanese production of the anime that show them working on it at 24 fps exactly. >why would a film ever be produced at 23.976 i mean, most of them are. this is the first one i've seen that isn't. >all is left for me is “koe no katachi” and i can die in peace better just die now because we're not subbing it >why name it “your name”, everybody will search for “tkimi no na wa” anyway fuck weebs. the english name is far more well known at this point.
Weebs wouldn't download Commie anyway :^)
well i would never think of searching for "your name" lol
guess that means you're a dirty weeb
at least not from you herkz anyway thank you for kimi no name for now :^)
Kizu 3 hype :D
Thanks, herkzy. >fuck weebs. the english name is far more well known at this point. Yep.
>not calling it 君の名は。 smh herkz
Always a party here! :)
i'll think i'll give [Commie] a chance this time i've been waiting for a good-quality release of this shitkai movie anyway(even the director himself started hating it recently)
what the fuck literally, did ANYONE ask for this
no one had to. who the fuck would sub stuff for weebs like yourself in CURRENT_YEAR?
i ask herkz for that
Excellent work you glorious commie bastard, if weebs complain they can change the file name or edit the subs know I do! lulz
The size is small !! Why ?!
lol all movies are produced at 24 fps it's just that for some stupid reason 23.976 became a standard for blu-ray, so everybody is releasing in that framerate (with some exceptions, of course) if you care so much about correct framerate, why not release everything in 24fps? modern audio resamplers are completely transparent, so there's really nothing against doing so
is there an Italian rip with flac audio?
No idea why this has 63 comments, The subs do not work!! : ) Share and Download Noobsubs upload!
Man i love the drama in the comments of this movie's releases
Thanks for this. Oh boy... This comment section really is something. > Fuck all weebs Yes, finally someone agrees.
Will you do weathering with you to? Watching high quality animation + beautiful editing/typeset like this is really like eyes therapy for me.