[PAS] Piano no Mori (2018) - 04 [WEB 720p AAC] [69907BEE].mkv

2018-05-01 02:44 UTC
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  • [PAS] Piano no Mori (2018) - 04 [WEB 720p AAC] [69907BEE].mkv (279.3 MiB)

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No idea why but all of your shows you put out are all corrupted for me. It's the same thing pink screen like this https://i.imgur.com/kEqqJ4M.jpg I never have a problem with anyone else's release just the PA-Subs shows.
i think your media player needs to lay off what ever its on m8

PA-Subs (uploader)

@kuddlesworth update your codecs or just use mpv. mpv's the only thing we officially support, but our editor uses mpc-hc presumably with updated LAV, madvr and xy-vsfilter and it works fine for him. I'm assuming it's because it's 4:4:4 and not the usual 4:2:0, assuming you can play 10bit fine. Lemme know if it doesn't work with mpv.
I use vlc media player and so far so good.
#https://nyaa.si/user/kuddlesworth : I tried all this videos on android and certainly every single one present problems. After using mediainfo on them I found the reason... all are 10 bits with high L5 4:4:4 profile. Almost none android media player can deal with it, neither some in windows. I recommend you to find somewhere else an x264 8bits, L4 or less, which is the standard for every media player in almost every OS to be played without issues. I'm gonna do it.
@kuddlesworth I use MPC-HC and installed the codec pack as instructed in the following guide (I use Windows, ymmv), everything I throw at it plays perfectly https://hi10anime.com/?page_id=18609