[AU] Batman Ninja 2018 [1080p][Dual-Audio]

2018-04-28 16:43 UTC
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[![AU_Batman_Ninja_screenshot.jpg](https://s9.postimg.cc/5gndqdcwf/AU_Batman_Ninja_screenshot.jpg)](https://postimg.cc/image/7l7qrgeiz/) Batman Ninja 2018 Bluray 1080p Default: Japanese 5.1 channels audio/English sub Secondary: English 5.1 channels audio

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  • [AU] Batman Ninja 1080p.mkv (8.2 GiB)
Does this version comes with the actual subtitles or just the dubtitles?
Just wondering, where did the Japanese Audio come from? The US BluRay only includes the English audio. And I can't really find the Japanese BluRay anywhere.
Extremely dissapointing movie!
Can anyone confirm if the subs aren't dubtitles?
I haven't (and won't) download this, but I find it fairly suspicious that a single 1hr 24min movie is 8.2GB...most films - yes in the top shelf 1080p with all the bells and whistles - usually go between 1-1.5GB. Also, not sure how this would be in Japanese..it's only been released in English (dub) to this point - the Japanese version hits theaters in June 2018. I've already seen the English dub - and it wasn't this one nor nearly this large of a file.
These are dubtitles.
absolute rubbish, worse cartoon ever made.. gimme my download time back
@J_LEE_C, What??? Are you trolling? I do not know what world you live in, but I'm accustomed to downloading movies here with a size of 7 GB or more.
Thank you so much for the movie! Absolutely brilliant. Japanese audio is the only way to experience it!
uberasian, I contacted Amazon and they told me that the movie does have Japanese audio included. I'm not sure if that's true, but that's what they told me. I'm going to buy the blu-ray anyways, even if it doesn't have Japanese. Just to support this film.
You folks should be aware that the dubtitles are basically for an entirely different film. The Japanese and English audio scripts in this movie have nothing to do with each other.
@AlvoErrado2 He probabyly downloads YIFY/ YTS Movies, not higher quality releases (5-14GB).
@motbob Hollyshit that's just bad. Thanks for the heads up.
@J_LEE_C a standard 1hr 24min movie is roughly around 8.2GB (which is normal for 1080p) unless it's been horribly down sized like yifi torrent movies (as VON-Encodes said) your best bet is to download the 480p version (if available) should be perfect size for you (around 400-500mb)
Most 720p I've downloaded are right around 800mb usually and up towards 1gb. 1080p usually is 3-5gigs, 8 seems too large but im too used to the downsized files.
@darkchaos125 that's right but only for 25 min episode anime's not 1hr 24min movies.. well for you guys who loves smaller file size find it here https://nyaa.si/view/1031577 (1080p 2.7 GB) as for myself i prefer quality over size.. I especially don't touch mini mkv or yifi crap

AURG (uploader)

1) the bluray comes with dual-audio 2) the subs are the ones from the bluray though slightly edited to remove certain things like "BATMAN: <statement>" and such 3) i am aware that the japanese dub is completely different than the english dub, not sure why they don't provide the correct subs on the bluray.
so basically everyone is waiting for the Japan subs to watch it the way it should be watched.
Hello Guy I speak Jap. I can confirm to you : that all 3 movies batman ninja at this minute on nya torrent are all sub from the english dub the english dub have NOTHING, N O T H I N G to do with japanese dub. And for proof : when batman confirm with catwoman what happened at 10:00, there is a image with poison Ivy who speaking. In the japanese dub, she speaks in the english one, she’s not.
*sigh* so I guess it's gonna be a long wait for subbers to work on this.
Proper japanese->english subs from the other post: https://mega.nz/#!tw1zgBLL!Jlpy26oz7AHAQ_GMCtCU-1Uu7So4CJCrUC3BgLzH3uU
^ new subs seem legit so far. Good on yah mate.
um...actually no. Not too long ago like around 5 yrs ago, movies were still under 800 mb for movies.....those were 720p. Unless they were upscaled 480->540-680.