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2018-04-12 14:49 UTC
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![pictured: literally me](https://i.imgur.com/hUiF9ks.jpg) I, jymmy, the Prime Minister of Australia, hereby decrees that *Kiratto Pri☆Chan* is Chinese cartoon of the year. Mirai is objectively the best girl, but Emo-chan is my waifu because she's the most kawaii. Thank you, based Tatsunoko Pro, for this masterpiece. You have saved anime as we know it. --- Some notes: So this is a new show in the "Pretty Series", comprising the *Pretty Rhythm* and *PriPara* anime and now *Pri☆Chan*. As this is a new series, you don't need to have seen any previous Pretty Series anime to watch this. You'll see "try [noun]" or "tried [verb]ing" a lot in these subtitles, as the dialogue makes liberal use of the term "~ttemiru", which is a Japanese internet slang term for doing pretty much anything. For example, a dance cover video might be titled "I tried dancing [song]". Emo explains what she means when she uses the word "emoi", but outside the context of the show it's based on the English word "emotional" and basically means moving or affecting. It's used in reference to music and, yes, shares a common root with "emo" as in the genre. Whether this show comes out earlier or later than this will probably depend on how busy I am or am not on any given Sunday. The insert song was even more guesslated than usual, since characters were talking over most of it. Fun times. **TL, editing**: jymmy **Timing, typesetting**: aino

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  • [SMC-Subs] Kiratto Pri☆Chan - 001 [CEA90727].mkv (277.3 MiB)
It's here! Thanks.
Thank you ! let's go for another run :)
Around 12:52 you wrote PriPara concerts, not PriChan
@jymmy Thanks for the release. Do you make this show for the complete season?
Based jymmy. You're an even better Prime Minister than Rog.
Turnbull watches little girls shows This explains EVERYTHING

jymmy (uploader)

@williukea: Whoops, might have to ctrl+F and look for "PriPara" as part of the script check for upcoming episodes. Thanks. @Otakuopa: No, just this one episode.