[NoobSubs] your name. 2016 (2160p 4k Ultra Blu-ray HDR10 Dual Audio)[0731BD8C].mkv

2018-04-10 23:31 UTC
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![alt text](https://www.noobsubs.com/wp-content/uploads/Web/NoobSubs-your-name.-2016-1080p-Blu-ray-8bit-Dual-Audio-Web.jpg) **I DON’T PLAY GAMES! 4K UHD x265 WITH HDR10!!! A 2K VERSION BECAUSE I LIKE THEM SPORTS!! A 1080p VERSION FOR THEM BITCHES! 1.5 WEEKS TO ENCODE BECAUSE I’M GANGSTER AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!** **There are 4 versions of this release:** - **4K HDR10 with DTS “Core”.** 1. - Recommended **only if you have a 10bit/HDR TV/monitor.** ~~A 6th+ Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, Nvidia 1000 series and some 900 series video cards, AMD RX400 & AMD Vega or a very powerful CPU like a AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700 will work.~~ Use mpv and it should work fine but try to play it through your TV first to make your life easier. (I can’t believe I’m saying this but also try VLC. Not sure if mpv can fully .ead HDR.) - **2K 4:2:2 HDR10 with AAC.** 2. - **Only if you have a 10bit/HDR TV/monitor.** Any 2nd+ Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor or AMD Ryzen™ 7/5 should be able to play this (try VLC). If not, use mpv. - **1080p Blu-ray with AAC.** 3. - **- RECOMMENDED for 95% of you.** _No one cares because your a **peasant!**_ - **1080p Blu-ray with AC3.** 4. - Typical [NoobSubs] **re-encode like dual audio** release. ###### Directed by Makoto Shinkai. The same guy that made: The Place Promised in Our Early Days 2004 (雲のむこう、約束の場所 Kumo no Mukō, Yakusoku no Basho), 5 Centimeters per Second 2007 (秒速5センチメートル Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru), Children Who Chase Lost Voices 2011 (星を追う子ども Hoshi o Ou Kodomo), The Garden of Words 2013 (言の葉の庭 Kotonoha no Niwa), Your Name. 2016 (君の名は。 Kimi no na wa.). Thanks to [MTBB] for the subs. I _might_ have a separate download link here for people that want the full DTSHD-MA Lossless Audio tracks. It’s 10GB+. I didn’t feel like adding it. 4K version has the “DTS Core” instead (Makes no difference for 99.9% of you.) and the 2K/1080p has AAC. The [NoobSubs] "re-encode like" has AC3. Please let me know if there’s anything wrong with this release. Title(s): Kimi no Na wa., your name., Your Name. Video: **Japanese Collector’s Edition Ultra High Definition Blu-ray Disc -> 4K, 2K** Video: **Japanese Collector’s Edition High Definition Blu-ray Disc -> 1080p** Audio: -Track 1: **English** 5.1 channel FLAC / AAC for 2K & 1080p -Track 2: **Japanese** 5.1 channel DTS Core / AAC for 2K & 1080p -Track 3: Japanese 2.0 channel DTS Core (You should use this one) / AAC for 2K & 1080p -Track 4: Japanese 5.1 channel DTS Core (English theme song version) / AAC for 2K & 1080p -Track 5: Japanese 2.0 channel DTS Core (Audio description/Visually impaired + English theme song version) / 4K Only -Track 6: **Chinese** 5.1 channel DTS Core / AAC for 2K & 1080p **Subs: Signs/Karaoke [MTBB],** English PGS, English PGS (English theme song subtitles), Japanese PGS, Chinese Simplified PGS **Come visit my site at <https://www.noobsubs.com> for more Direct Downloads, Torrents & Anime Streaming.** Please Seed!

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  • [NoobSubs] your name. 2016 (2160p 4k Ultra Blu-ray HDR10 Dual Audio)[0731BD8C].mkv (13.9 GiB)
Thank you, Thanks! And uploader, re; SVP was updated a couple of days ago for Black Friday and among other things now supports automatic HDR>SDR tonemapping playback, and that is fine, seems quite good - through the 64bit .29x mpv-SVP Component installation. SVP is having a 55% off black Friday sale now too through Sunday or Monday. You can interpolate any stream to 60-240hz from 24fps which is great for animated content especially. I appreciate SVPcode/Cast,Tube, and SVP real-time interpolation.... through just about any video player ! SVP has really been supported well and come into its own in the last couple of years. Thank you seeders and uploader!.
Keep the 4k HDR coming. Anyone that can upload 4k HDR please should!! Beautiful torrent and I'm amazed that there are not more comments for a file this positively TERRIFIC, as these kinds ARE! Thank you those who keep such worthwhile torrents alive, and uploader, - happy holidays everyone!
What's wrong with the colors in this? They're super dull.
can someone who has downloaded the movie please tell me whether it has English words along with Japanese written words like here in 1st image https://ibb.co/CP0WGzs or it is just in Japanese like here in 2nd image https://ibb.co/hM9W2k3 ? also, can you please add Hindi Track in it? it was not officially dubbed in Hindi but was done unofficially by animetm dubbers - https://www.animetmdubbers.com/2017/06/kimi-no-na-wa-your-name-movie-hindi.html
Does anyone know the MaxFALL for this release? I need reference values for something else.


A high quality version with subtitles for signs! Great! Thank you.