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2018-04-10 14:33 UTC
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  • [Ohys-Raws] High School DxD Hero - 01 (AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 (396.9 MiB)
now then off we wait for subs hehehehehpepepkeke
Do not guess it!! High School DxD Hero ルールD×D HERO 2018年4月10日 毎週(火)23:00 Https://www.at-x.com/program/detail/9548
Gonna watch this, then with HS and then with FFF's and after the BD's out, gonna binge watching all four seasons... this year's tissue cost's gonna be raping the roof.
So, censored or uncensored?
did CR pick this?
CR is surely gonna pick this, though i doubt that they will release it uncensored.
>Due to production delays, episode 1 of Hero will be delayed until Wednesday. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Crunchyroll delayed
Is this version english subbed?
^ it's called Raw for a very good reason
Horriblesubs will be censored most likely But not a big deal for me because I can easily use horriblesubs subs with AT-X raws (you might need to delays subs by 10 second after the op song)
ayy what an lamegrad here u all pathetic noobs are unworthy of my supremeriorousness and as such one must feel obligated to feel ashamed as well as disgusted in oneselve for seeking disgusting pleasures of dxd. go read the scriptures u pathetic pagans and burn in hell praising thyself unto thee not!
over 15 minutes till the first nipple shot.... not good.
^ nah i dont really care about nipple, as a light novel reader i'm eager to watch purely for plot... well not exactly anyway... xD
just watched the raw, and i must say it's the best episode of DxD ever! the wait gonna be worth it!