[BlurayDesuYo] Ao no Exorcist - Kyoto Fujouou-hen - 14 (OVA2) (DVD 1024x576 10bit AAC) [0759836D].mkv

2018-04-09 19:21 UTC
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237.4 MiB
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  • [BlurayDesuYo] Ao no Exorcist - Kyoto Fujouou-hen - OVA2 (DVD 1024x576 10bit AAC) [0759836D].mkv (237.4 MiB)
Why the subs aren't working? I play the video, I have the subtitles correctly checked, and I don't see any as the video plays out.
What video player are you using?
VLC Media Player 2.2.8
Your download is probably corrupted. CRC check it with RapidCRC or similar. ![Image](https://period.pw/sc/2018-04-11_10-12-33.png)
Huh, I did check it with that program, as you have suggested, it came out okay. Also I downloaded the file again from here, played it and had the subs at the beginning, but when I tried skipping any scenes, like opening, then all subs disappeared. Weird, if you ask me.
Use MPV or SMPlayer instead of VLC.
Thanks for it. Recently I have some major hiccups with VLC because of their new update, so buggy that I need to get an anti-insect spray for it.