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2018-04-09 18:18 UTC
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  • [بضان] Golden Kamuy - 01 [720p].mkv (321.5 MiB)
Who said the terrorists are all bad?
Wow you have some seedbox? I'm downloading it rly fast.
How can you even say "terrorists"? We are people as well, we get spit on, beaten, kicked out of places because we are from another religion, and honestly, you would be a complete idiot if you consider yourself any better after saying that. Those people known as Terrorists are not Muslim, they are the spawn of the devil and shouldn't be considered as someone from a religion.
I can't bear to watch this.
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allow me to say "shut the fuck up". who think urself to call ppl "Terrorists"?
You just confirmed my statement, thank you for being an absolute dumba**
Allahu Akbar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
People who are like this have the brain of peanut, no scratch that, they don't have any brain. Those words hurt us more than you think, especially if you judge someone based on a freaking title out of from a torrent file. How can you call him insult him like that when you don't even have a clue how he is as a person? At the very least, I am sure he is way better than you, and not like a certain retarded kid who goes around calling people terrorists like a smartass...
watch it he's about to blow
better idea instead of getting mad at obvious trolls: close this page and never come back because the comment section of this website is a cesspool
**> Movie name : Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These - 01** Nice meme
They're just trolling, chill out. @Kamiyan93 that's me seeding it on a box. Thx for coming in clutch my sand negros
Fine, I will end my roasting session here.
Welcome to the Internet
Thanks for the subs.
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Who knew they could sub stuff.
تحابوا في الله إخواني
Anyway, first episode was just great. Although, I hope we can get better video source later.
nazi's sense of humor
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@Zakjal, if you have a brain you could easily interpret that as a country where those problems are actually common and people actually experience it. I have read the news and I have seen stuff like this before, even on social media I saw some guys mocking, surrounding an old man, cussing at him, spitting on him and beating him. Moreover, I never mentioned if it was west I meant, but you still decided to use them. to prove your point.
I really hope this is a troll...
it's time to stop this is getting ridiculous you are forgetting what is the main point.
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It's always nice to inspire a civil and constructive conversation. Nice subs btw...
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it must be tiresome to be linked to terrorism when you do something unrelated like sub an anime episode. The way you deal with it is ignoring the jokes, not expressing your offence. Now all the work people put on this has been wasted over some stupid argument.
I think everyone is just upset that no one has any clue how to pronounce your group name even in our heads. >_>
ننظر إلى كل هؤلاء الإرهابيين مثلي الجنس
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BASED comment section, lads.
Wow, I finally get to try out the comment locking feature. You've all been naughty.

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