Detective Conan Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter [720p][Kienai]

2018-04-08 05:54 UTC
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![alt text]( "Kienai Detective Conan Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter") ### Detective Conan Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter Video: H.264 **720p** (Blu-ray Source) Audio:DTS HD MA 5.1 (AC3 640k) Subtitles: Kienai (Full ASS Softsub) Chapters: Included Here we are, back again! And this time, with only a 6 week gap between releases! The 21st movie, entitled "The Crimson Love Letter", premiered in Japanese theaters on April 15, 2017, and is the latest movie at the time of writing this. It was incredibly popular, having the highest box office sales and longest theatrical run of the Detective Conan movie series, partly due to it being aimed at a slightly older audience than others. As with our last release of Episode "ONE", this release marks a number of firsts for Kienai. It's our first 1080p release, our first release with full lossless FLAC audio, and our first theatrical movie release since we first started subbing with Movie 11 in 2008/2009. Timing, translating, typesetting, and 1080p encoding was done by myself (jmaeshawn). I'd also like to thank: Licca for the encode of the 720p version, technical help, as well as kara-timing and romanization of the movie's theme song Akai-Shuichi for providing the wonderful finished karaoke effect for the above-mentioned song Puto (of The Moonlighters) for encoding suggestions on the 1080p release Licca, Puto, and Mamo-chan for QC And while not a person we worked with directly, we want to credit the "Shigureden", the museum showcasing the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu referenced in the movie. All the poems in the movie are using the official English translations from the Shigureden website. Because working on two movies in a row is a bit tiring, I'll be taking a short break to work on some other things, but will come back to do more Conan soon! :D

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  • Detective Conan - Movie 21 - The Crimson Love Letter [Kienai][720p][A00E4CB9].mkv (2.1 GiB)
thank you for this
Thanks! Will you sub Darkest Nightmare too, & Zero the Enforcer this year later?
I believe there are at least plans to handle the most recent film once it's available on home video.
And it looks like M-L might be answering the rest of your question soon.
I love you, Team Kienai! Don't leave us again!
Moonlighters still lives? Perhaps the blu ray release of Movie 18 will finally happen. I presume Kaitou (19) and K1412 (20) will be the best we are ever going to get for those movies. Thanks for the release, feel spoiled with all the Korn remade manga releases and now this as well. Detective Conan deserves the best quality possible.
Sub was great as always, thanks jmaeshawn, I learned to speak, understand, conversation in Japanese fluently in only a month in Dec 2013, by marathoning 521 eps in month, your perfect Kienai, DCTP, M_L, Baaro subs.been watching your Conan subs since then.
Would Kienai please consider giving the TV Special - Fugitive: Mouri Kogoro (the expanded version airing as Conan: Happy New Year Special) a proper HD release? It is the only current special, not having a proper HD English subtitled release and there are 720p raws floating around on Nyaa, if Baaro does not have his own encode. Please consider if you have the time.
It'd be awesome if you could sub 14th Target, captured in her eyes HD remastered, that truly deserves good HD release.