[Chyuu] Akuma no Memumemu-chan - The Animation [720p][A0D238E6].mkv

2018-04-08 01:03 UTC
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Memumemu a cute. A CUTE! - Join our discord: https://discord.gg/gSNEkDs - For a smooth playback of this release, we recommend you use [mpv](https://mpv.io/installation/). **We are recruiting skilled translators to help us save anime. If interested, please contact *Congroo* on our IRC channel or discord server.**

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  • [Chyuu] Akuma no Memumemu-chan - The Animation [720p][A0D238E6].mkv (64.7 MiB)
Delayed by 1 week every time someones asks
Thank you for doing this short. However, I have a couple of things to point out that may be worth patching: https://imgur.com/a/mZR8H > trues It should also be a question mark, not an exclamation mark, since he's asking a question https://imgur.com/a/j5xzD > Should be "No", not "Yes".
@Kuromii u and i are next to each other simple mistake and the answer to the question if something doesn't hurt and it doesn't hurt is yes. So you are wrong with that
Did I say "you made a mistake and you are shit because of it"? No. Mistakes happen, it isn't a big deal, I was just pointing it out to the group in case they want to patch it. And lol, I'm going to assume English isn't your first (or second) language. "It does not hurt, right?" "No, it does not hurt." (ie confirmation) versus "It does not hurt, right?" "Yes it does not hurt." (ie a contradiction)
just use the kooritsukai release, there's ones that are styled with Chyuu if you have that problem.
need that netflix video source
download raws, use animetosho for softsubs file from kooritsukai, and then mkvtoolnix.