[NAZOrip] 涼宮ハルヒの消失 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (BDRip.HEVC.1080P.YUV420P10.QAAC)

2018-04-07 13:39 UTC
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**This release is hidden because of font issues. Please download the [new one](/view/1024175).** *** For a movie released in 2010 by KyoAni, the quality of the source is quite poor. Poor noisy line art, broken lines due to bad encoding, and unbelievably, there are off-color issues that only happen in analog transmission. Luckily we fixed these issues during our encoding. We did not apply strong debanding, while slight line art warp sharpening is applied so that it looks better. The movie is great, with smart use of colors. The story is also moving. Hope you enjoy the film. *** Chinese subtitles thanks to Kamigami Subs. English subtitles thanks to [Mazui Subs](/view/298761). You may find DDL links on our site. PS. We're working on the TV series. https://www.nazorip.site NAZOrip, small and best. *** #### **Screenshots** (Click to open full image) [![Screenshot 1](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/c01f5a0dd0695589t.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/c01f5a0dd0695589.png) [![Screenshot 2](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/8ade04291c06b913t.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/8ade04291c06b913.png) [![Screenshot 3](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/74718feca39d99a3t.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/74718feca39d99a3.png) [![Screenshot 4](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/93761563c70f15fet.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/93761563c70f15fe.png) [![Screenshot 5](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/91745f72c4a4e512t.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/91745f72c4a4e512.png) [![Screenshot 6](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/aa6492f7d1c1dc48t.jpg "Click to open full image")](http://i4.fuimg.com/627869/aa6492f7d1c1dc48.png)

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Thanks! I never watched the show, Waiting for the TV series :) Is there any updates regarding Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata?
Waiting for the TV series?? you mean waiting for this submitter to do the TV series? because the TV shows have been available for years.... and yeah, watch the tv series before you watch this. Although I recommend that for "endless 8", you watch the first one, and the last one, rather than watching all 8, because damn that was annoying... they could have done a similar effect with a "4-in-1" screen effect and smart editing, and shown all 8 episodes in one 40 minute show. ...Sorry, pet peeve. :P
@ericfromabeno If you read the description above, you would have understood why I wrote "Waiting for the TV series". They wrote that they are working on the TV series and that is what I'm waiting for. I know the show is old and that is the reason I said "I never watched the show". anyway, thanks for your recommendation.