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2018-04-05 00:30 UTC
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#animesenshi@irc.rizon.net https://asenshi.moe 720p. Translation: Vivid Editing: Xythar Timing: Xythar (1), joletb (1), torchlight (2-13) Typesetting: joletb Encoding: joletb Quality Checking: joletb Song Translation: Vivid Song Styling: joletb Thanks for watching!

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  • [Vivid-Asenshi] Violet Evergarden - 13 [5003FE1E].mkv (269.0 MiB)
Was it AOTY or AOTC,no. Did it come close,no. It was still an okay show though.
for me, it's AOTS. no argument allowed. AOTY? man we're just Q1 at 2018 xD
I know it's only first quarter but thats never stopped people before.
Violet Evergarden has been quite a wonderful anime. But AOTS? Give me a break. Not even close when it aired in the same season where we had a potential AOTY in Sora yori mo Tooi Basho.
What the fuck is AOTY & AOTC & AOTS?
Well, it's not that difficult to google them. Anyways, these are all baking terms. AOTS = Add one tea spoon AOTY = Any osmotolerant type yeast AOTC = Almond on tiramisu cake
I watched 25 shows last season and violet was pretty good compared to the rest. But since it was by KyoAni it seems to get a higher rating than other shows.
No Gilbert coming back from the dead? No thank you.
Fun fact. It's not over yet. There will be episode 14.
KoyomiKami & baka-tracer are tasteless plebs. Violet Evergarden is AOTY!!!!