2018-04-03 21:45 UTC
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Just a shitty webrip for those who can't wait... like me. I'm not part of any team and I don't really know how to make a proper rip. Sorry for the first 10 seconds, it's a bit blurry. If you want good quality release with nice editing, WAIT FOR TERRIBLE HOUSE'S RELEASE!!! Kudos to CostcoSubs for the translation. Eternal love on you. Enjoy anyway

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  • Terrace.House.Boys.x.Girls.next.door.S05E06.Week56.mkv (275.6 MiB)
待ってました~٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  いつもあざーす!┏○))
Great work. Thanks for this. Will you be doing the rest?
Please consider doing the rest. Thanks!
Yay, thank you!
sugoi! how did you rip it from netflix? screen recording?
(I posted the torrent, unidentified) どう致しまして I'll try to do the rest yes. Don't expect regular or top quality release... I'll do my best with what I have! Let's hope Terrible House will be back soon :)
I missed it so much... ! Thanks man ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
You're a champ LeDob :) Your release was great, perfectly watchable :)
hi LeDob, what app/program do you use for converting from net fl ix? thanks
@yeheii basic screen recording. Cutting, convert & resync subs, muxing all. Any soft will do, sorry but I won't go into details
Thanks a lot LeDob !!!
Thanks so much for this! It seems you are our only hope for watching more episodes!
@LeDob okay last question: what screen recording app? cause mobizen for samsung's not working for me, even the SC screen recorder for rooted phones, not working too :( I can help with the uploads