[HorribleSubs] Killing Bites - 12 [720p].mkv

2018-03-30 18:12 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Killing Bites - 12 [720p].mkv (317.4 MiB)
What a twisted ending... Well... an unexpected ending can considered as "good" ending anyway... Any chance for S2?
If the BD surpases our expectations ;)
I hope there is 2nd season. They introduced some new character in the end
i just checked the manga version as far i can found. for now let say an episode 12 in animation end at chapter 30 in manga and now the newest manga i can found is chapter 39. and now it more like dragon ball z budokai of the new generation of fighters (yup since now the battle become a non lethal battle). however it also start leaking a smell of conspiracy some how.....whatever with this current resource i don't think we will see season 2 soon. yup don't forget the fact that the season 1 of animation made of 30 chapters of manga.... and let hope it not get axed like high school of the dead.... *ps* oh if you think Yoya survive because Hitomi let him be.....................you are wrong. she really intent to kill him and she not even know he survive and now she try to kill him again !
I miss crackpipe :'(
S2 better animate when the Lion pop that girl...lul.
This show needed more lewd stuff.
@razeth: at the end of ep12...yup..at that time lion already has his child already.....aka pop mission completed. @Mormegil: sadly if this show have a chance to have s2. base from manga version the story that continue after this is become more and more brain base no longer only brute base...yup...it also mean less fanservice too.
Twin snake dicks not lewd enough for you?
I thought that kid would the manager/trainer of the Lion's cub?
Fuck this show, appreciate the work Subs does, but fuck this show dude.
@luigi-dude, AAAaaaghhlolololololol!!!!! Why you so arsed mate? It's just Kemono Friends with better animation.