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:p Episode 22 is still awful even in BD. :feelsbadman:

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  • Fate Apocrypha - NCOP 2 (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 AAC 10bits).mkv (82.6 MiB)
where is the OST release?
"Episode 22 is still awful even in BD" Wow you're one of the ignorant people who thinks ep 22 was "awful". It was one of the best animated episodes last year and it was incredible, and it will be much better in BD without the dimming and ghosting. You don't know what you're talking about. https://blog.sakugabooru.com/2017/12/23/fate-apocrypha-episode-22/ Pls learn something, ignorance like this triggers me.

miraka123 (uploader)

ofc it is trash! ![alt text](https://puu.sh/zRJ20/69e20d099b.png) ![alt text](https://puu.sh/zRJ2G/7a7e3d522c.png)
You are either stupid or trolling, you are only giving reasons to make fun of you. Check the link i gave you, watch this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN4MkyfBNac . Try to learn something about animation before you judge it, instead of flaunting your ignorance, it's embarrassing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with frames you posted, in fact they are good. Again, please don't be lazy and educate yourself, instead of remaining willfully ignorant.


Why are you so asspained about some random person on the internet's opinion? lol
Protecting A1's Animation<<<
@DAC Bcuz there's a chance the person is not completely close-minded and might learn something. Informing people and helping them get educated on a subject gives me satisfaction, in addition such ignorance triggers me. Do i need a better reason? What reason did you have to even post that comment? If what i linked is something new to you, you probably can learn too.
No matter what you learn, it won't change the fact that it still looks ugly
@soigneerin it's beautiful, great animation, supported by opinions of the animation industry. Your face is ugly and your waifu is trash. Fact my ass, don't misrepresent your opinion.
Animation should always be looked at in motion, not static images. When you look at stills, you are looking at art style, know the difference... You can tell there's a lot of giving and taking to make this episode work (as with many other shows and episodes), and evidently, A1 decided to give up art quality and coherence (which could be used to great effect if done right) for dynamic movement of on-screen elements as well as camera perspective. And honestly, if I had to choose between cutting down on art quality or dynamic movement in an action scene, I would prefer cutting down on the former unless the focus is on photorealism (like ufotable). Japanese animation, especially in action sequences, is always a huge balancing act, with many ways to approach this same issue. It's just that some of those answers might involve upsetting the balance entirely and largely favoring one element or the other, which seems to be what they did here. And even if you don't like the style, you can't tell me that it was unremarkable, which was honestly the case for most fights up until episode 21.
@frozenkex look at Apo animation/stills, and then compare it to uFotable animation/stills. Your "animation industry" opinion comes from a money market, not from an independent artistic POV If you need to "prove", use influential opinion, construct arguments, to convince others that something *should be* beautiful, then you already failed as an artist. Art is not a political debate. Visual art is a non-verbal domain of expression. You "show", not "tell". It's made to be understood/perceived without any extra verbal information to justify its "beauty".
@soigneerin And just like art, animation has different styles, each style having its own strengths and limitations, and audiences that can appreciate them. Whether it's ufotable's emphasis on photorealism and digital effects, or A1's emphasis on dynamic movement, bombastic use of colors & hand drawn effects, as well as emotive expressions (which ufotable has been noted to lack). And speaking of showing vs telling, as much as I loved Zero (#3 my all time fav anime), but I'm glad Apocrypha isn't too bad with monologues and dialogues mid fight. But that's besides the point.
Episode 22 from an animation standpoint, was scarily good. Sakuga galore and it's why anyone who's in the animation industry, applauded it to hell. It was an extreme sakuga-fest, but even the Karna vs Sieg fight near the end was showing the limitations of giving free reign. From an art style standpoint, it's kinda off. The lack of consistency shows Sieg(fried) and Karna looking drastically different from a still shot that's literally within two seconds. Nasu also commented on it: "I watched something terrible and wonderful. I can only call it a masterpiece. Even if it was just by circumstance, I'm grateful I got to watch it in the private viewing room. It was animation and a sense of speed worthy of watching on the 200-inch screen. I might even say this is the zenith of Apocrypha's battle direction, having showed us this showsmanship and urgency of motion. Indeed, radiance is this stroke of the pen. Know that this is excellently stylish direction." So take that as you will. I think Apocrypha as a whole is still a 7/10. And personally, I think 23 is worse than 22 because the CG in Semiramis room is more offputting.
^ A fair assessment. A1 playing a lot of giving and taking, and some may argue that they are just giving a little too much than they were taking. The accusation then is not that they weren't trying enough, but that they are trying too hard, they were trying to do too much to stand out, and that left room for dissenting opinions on its final product.
Ep24 Memefest is still the same xD makes you think A1 stopped giving a shit anymore.
LUL that Zero person...Do you hate A1 that much?
@soigneerin You shouldn't sit on your high horse when you don't know what you're talking about. You are casually dismissing arguments made by informed people, enthusiasts in community, the animators and artists and my statements with no argument of your own, and all you have to say "it looks ugly, it's a fact" . Wow... So pretentious and then lecture me on art, while ignoring what artists say, and what "money market"? And yes it's visual art medium , but it has to be judged in a manner that it was intended, not looking at screen caps or frames, but animation in motion. Animation frames are not paintings, the difference that you dont understand. There are a lot more people who thought it looked amazing than those who didn't, so that kind of makes your only argument collapse, as you think just having eyes is good enough to make a good assessment (while implying it's more than your opinion), while being ignorant on animation. And your mention of Ufotable is a bad one, what makes their stuff look great is their Digital art team that gives them their unique aesthetic and cool digital effects..Without it, their frames would not really look any better. Animation itself has different styles. You calling it ugly is no better than someone calling Mob Psycho 100 ugly. Apples to oranges. If you compare them and you think Ufotable's look better, that's an opinion and your preference, not a fact. And yes many people may prefer many moments in Apo over what Ufotable does in certain scenes. And even if people mostly prefer Ufotable's style, that certainly doesn't mean Apo's is bad. The animation in Apocrypha is better than in 90%+ of other anime, and it shouldn't just be compared to Ufotable, that's pretty high bar and they have unique style and digital effects. And you are ignoring important nuance if it doesn't matter to you what is hand drawn and what is cgi/digital effects. p.s sorry for my triggerdness in this thread, just some of these prevailing opinions are too unpleasant to see.